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Aromatic Healing PowerPoint Presentation
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Aromatic Healing

Aromatic Healing

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Aromatic Healing

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    1. Aromatic Healing Dr. Anjana Agarwal Consultant in Aromatherapy & Nutrition

    2. Vision To make life fragrant and full To help people to help themselves To invoke people to learn & try new things To make society healthier and happy To use plant based and potent substances in our surrounding

    3. What is Aromatherapy Ancient healing art to protect and promote health & environment using essential oils

    5. Aromatherapy works at Immune system Integumentary system (skin) Nervous system Circulatory system Respiratory system Hormones

    6. 6000 years old therapy used by Egyptians INDIANS Chinese Greeks Romans Arabians Frances's Americans English people

    7. Essential oils They are synthesized in the plant cells like any other nutrients. They are produced in leaves, flowers, fruits, roots or the whole plant. They are oily substance composed of chemical components each having inherent therapeutic qualities.

    8. Essential oils Aromatic essence of the plant Yield of the oil may be < 1% from a plant part Precious , Fragrant & Volatile 100 times more potent than plant itself Different from vegetable oil Costly but cost effective Widely used for innumerable purposes

    9. Some commonly used Essential oils Lavender Jasmine Rose Sandalwood Basil Lemon Eucalyptus Cypress Frankincense Neroli German chamomile Roman chamomile Rosemary Marjoram Juniper Peppermint

    18. Relax and rejuvenate yourself Have more energy to work harder Strengthen your immune system Possess good health without discomfort and diseases Possess beautiful skin and glowing hair care Have handy treatment for common ailments Increase your memory & meditation power Increase your study hours and make less mistakes Have clear thinking and more confidence Protect your environment through non chemical ways.

    19. External ways to use Aromatherapy Inhalation Steam inhalation Bath Massage Rubbing Compress Fumigation Room spray Stimulating & calming Rub Skin & hair care Fragrance in Handkerchief Disinfectant Insect repellant Detoxifying Burn treatment etc

    21. Properties of Essential oils Antiseptic Anti inflammatory Anti viral Anti microbiological Anti bacterial Anti fungal Analgesic Aphrodisiac Uplifting Sedative Calming & relaxing Immunity enhancer Memory booster Hormone balancer Body systems regulator

    22. Risk & toxicity Everything is poisonous and nothing is without poison. The dose alone prevents something from being poisonous. Paracelus

    23. Who should attend Aromatherapy sessions Students Housewives Executives / staff Suffers with some physiological conditions Anybody

    24. Welcome to attend the sessions in Foundation of Aromatherapy At Department of PG studies & Research in Home Science SNDT Womens University Juhu Campus, Mumbai