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RFP - <#> <RFP Title> Negotiation Plan (SPD-EP005) PowerPoint Presentation
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RFP - <#> <RFP Title> Negotiation Plan (SPD-EP005)

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RFP - <#> <RFP Title> Negotiation Plan (SPD-EP005)

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RFP - <#> <RFP Title> Negotiation Plan (SPD-EP005)

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  1. The State of Georgia RFP - <#> <RFP Title> Negotiation Plan (SPD-EP005) <Month> <Year> Issue Date 09/01/06 SPD-EP007

  2. Negotiation of price and service level is embedded in the future procurement process Evaluate RFP Identify vendor for negotiation Negotiation round(s) Award contract DOAS/Evaluation Committee Offeror

  3. NegotiationPlan and Script Category Manager Approves Negotiations Select Negotiation Team & Roles Develop Negotiation Timeline Invite Identified Offerors to Participate in Negotiations Negotiation Script comprised of Offeror’s responses is not subject to Public Records until after NOIA Negotiation Plan ends at this point and is open to Public Records Develop Negotiation Script Establish MDO for each Identified Offeror(s) Conduct GAP Analysis on Price &/or Technical Script TeamMembers’Participation Negotiation Execution

  4. Negotiation options for (e) RFPS

  5. Negotiation Approval The Negotiation Script (SPD-EP006) for eRFP <#> includes a GAP analysis of the offerors responses and supports the need for negotiations, plus identifies those offerors who will be asked to participate in negotiations. Offerors have been identified by the Evaluation Committee as being within the <Negotiation Options identified in eRFP> for negotiations in eRFP <#>. <Name of Category Manager> Approved Negotiations for: [ ] Cost Only [ ] Technical and Cost Authorized Signature:______________________ Approval Date:__________

  6. Selecting Negotiating Team

  7. Members from the Negotiation Team and Evaluation Committee should make themselves available over the next <number> weeks. Award/s could be made by M/D/Y (assuming only <number> round of negotiations) Evaluation Team members that participate in negotiations must be available to work full-time over the next <number> weeks to ensure success

  8. Offerors Negotiations Notice - SAMPLE Negotiation Information: eRFP Title: <Title> Agency: Department of Administrative Services eRFP Number: <Number> State of GA Participants: <Names> Negotiation Date: M/D/Y @ <Time> Negotiations Location: <Location> Additional Information: Offerors, be prepared to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time to set up audio/visual equipment (if required) for the presentations. A video projector, internet connection, and telephone will be provided by the State in the conference room. Offerors need to follow the Discussion Points below and end within the allotted time for each topic. Offerors must submit a written supplemental proposal to the State via e-mail, <XXX>@doas.ga.gov after the meeting is completed, as verbal communication is not binding. Any revisions to the technical proposal must adhere to the 2,000 character limit (not including graphics). Supplemental proposals, as discussed during the negotiation, will include revisions to the <Technical and Cost> or <Cost> response and must be submitted within 48 hours (2 business days) from the end of the meeting unless otherwise communicated by DOAS. Discussion Points: