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VCU Internship

VCU Internship

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VCU Internship

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  1. VCU Internship Robbie VanDerzee Mentors: Dr. McInnes Sam Henry

  2. Internship Experience (Project) Nanoinformatics is the science and practice of determining which information is relevant to the nanoscale science and engineering community in an attempt to improve the quality, speed, and feasibility of nano research. • Given the search “Heart attack” the second suggestion may be “blood pressure”. (One of any number of sorted suggestions.)

  3. Internship Experience (Learning Environment) During our internship, we held meetings with the other group (Cyber security) and listened to presentations. The full meetings were on Friday, while the partial group meetings were on Wednesday.

  4. Internship Experience (Workplace Environment) During work at the Lab, we would discuss with our mentors about our research, and solve problems in within our respective projects. We had many opportunities for help throughout the work day, and both our mentors we’re very willing to help.

  5. Intership Products (Presentation/Final Project) I completed my final project up to the evaluation period, and I also created a presentation and presented in front of my peers.

  6. More information on my project Core functionality -The new search term is compared to all database elements via the Unified Medical Language System similarity package. (Resultant is a vector array). -The resultant is compared, using cosine similarity, to a set of completely separate precompiled vectors. (In each instance, the precompiled vectors are the centermost point in vector-space from a cluster of medical terms.) -The highest scoring cluster relative to the new vector is saved. Then, the scores between the term and the terms in the saved cluster becomes a vector and is sorted and returned as search suggestions, and cut-off by a given limit.

  7. Internship Experience (Overall) Personally, I heavily enjoyed the experience in the Lab, and I even plan to come more, even after the internship ended. Not only did I enjoy it, but I surmounted a massive amount of useful skills. A few of which included learning the perl language, learning linux, presenting in front of an audience, and how research is done in the computer science field. I would definitely recommend this wonderful experience to others for the future.