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VCU Qatar

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  1. VCU Qatar Travel Expense Reimbursement Training

  2. VCU - Richmond Contact Information VCUQatar Senior Payment and Travel Officer Karen Beebe (804)828-1078 (W) 8:00-4:30EST (804)399-2008 (Blackberry) Group E-mail for VCU-Q Invoice Communication This e-mail account is routinely monitored by the Senior Payment and Travel Officer. Three additional staff members serve as back-ups to monitor this account in the Senior Payment and Travel Officer’s absence.

  3. Direct Bill Hotels Create EP in eVA Detail traveler’s name and purpose of stay Verify that room rates are within the allowable rates: QF Per Diem Rates - GSA M&IE Rates = Allowable Lodging Rates If internet or phone calls are claimed, provide business justification Meals may not be direct billed to a hotel room. Attach travelers TA & provide EP# on itemized invoice for payment.

  4. Travel ABCs Travel Authorization (TA) Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher (TERV) Travel Expenses

  5. Travel Authorization (TA) General Information Travel Description Source of Funds Department Certification *

  6. TA - General Information Date, Department, Traveler’s E-mail /Phone=Dept. Phone Travel outside 16 Domestic Countries (Yes or No) Traveler’s full legal name (as entered in Banner Finance) Traveler’s Department Mailing Address/Box # Traveler’s Title Check Reason for Travel Method of Travel Give Destination and explain purpose for trip Foreign Travel Certification

  7. TA - Travel Description City of Departure, Date and Time City of Arrival, Date and Time Hotel Name, Dates of Stay, # of Nights, and Amount (inc. VAT) Car Rental Company, Dates of Rental, # of Nights, and Amount Meals (Per diem for destination city) Ground Transportation at Destination Other (Registration, Parking, Etc.) Total Reimbursement by Department

  8. TA - Source of Funds Budget / Index Code State (Including Grants) and amount Grants abide by institution guidelines unless otherwise specified in the Award Pages of the grant. If a grant has specialized rates, must submit budget and award pages with all Travel Expense Reimbursements. Non-State (Local/University) and amount Overages >200% on lodging Overage >150% on business meals Alcohol Other Other (Specify) and amount

  9. TA – Department Certification Required for all those traveling with VCU-Q Traveler’s Responsibilities Signature of Traveler and Date Travel Advances are not standard practice - they are the exception not the rule. Signatures (All signatures must be dated) Department Head / Division Chairman Dean / Designee (If overage >100%; Dean if travel totals >$2,000) Vice President / President (If foreign or overage >200%)

  10. Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher Personal Information Dates and Locations Fiscal Tech Info. Explanation for Exception Coding

  11. TERV - Personal Information Legal Name of Traveler as it appears in Banner Finance Home Address of Traveler Banner V# Check if State Employee or Not If not a state employee, certify pay grade Traveler’s Original Ink Signature Title (Occupation) of Traveler

  12. TERV – Dates and Location(s) Date(s) (Column # 1) Dates of travel Dates must reflect Travel Authorization (If applicable) Location(s) / Description of Expense (Column # 2) Provide location where expense occurred Each expense must be claimed separately on TERV

  13. TERV - Fiscal Tech Information Name and contact number of fiscal tech who put together the reimbursement must be on the TERV

  14. TERV - Explanation for Exceptions Business Purpose Internet Purpose Lodging Shared Any special information that you need us to know

  15. TERV - Coding FRS Crosswalk* Frequently Used Codes 638077 Lodging, Tips, Parking, Per Diem 638067 Public Transportation (Taxi, Bus, Plane, Rental Car) 638092 Registration Fees 638087 Business Meals 638097 Foreign Travel 638351 Alcohol 638062 Mileage *

  16. Travel Expenses Vehicle Certification Rentals / Auto Expense Per Diem Lodging Air fare and Registration Business Meals

  17. Vehicle Statement and Certification Since mileage is not a reimbursable expense, this section of the for is non-applicable to VCU-Q

  18. Rentals / Auto Expense Rentals / Auto Expense (Column # 5) Rarely necessary or warranted If the need should arise and be a valid and necessary expense: expenses will be limited to official business use only traveler is expected to select the most economical contractor and type of vehicle available to meet the intended purpose must obtain any applicable discount for which VCU-Q may be entitled LDW and CDW insurance should be accepted Disallowable expenses include, but are not limited to: Refueling (FPO) GPS Other types of insurance such as: trip cancellation personal health or life insurance

  19. Per Diem Per Diem (Column #6) Per Diem is based on city where traveler spends the night If city is not listed as an exception, then the standard rates apply A link for CONUS/OCONUS rates is at our web-site *

  20. Per Diem (Cont.) Per Diem (Column # 6) Full incidentals included in per diem and paid on all travel days. Incidentals include tips on taxis, bellhops, waiters, limousine, personal phone calls, laundry, etc. Provide the hotel bill / lodging information to show where the traveler spent the night (if staying with individual rather than in a hotel, provide address of stay to justify an exception M&IE) If meals are included in a conference registration, the applicable meals must be subtracted from the per diem. (This does include receptions at meal times and continental breakfasts - some exceptions do exist) No Per diem on same-day travel.

  21. Lodging Lodging (Column # 7) The rate is based on city where traveler spends the night Itemized receipt Proof of payment Shared room expenses require name(s) of roommate(s) and business purpose If Lodging split, then proof of payment is required to verify traveler paid claimed expenses

  22. Lodging (Cont.) Lodging (Cont.) (Column # 7) If Lodging rate is >100% of the CONUS/OCONUS allowed rate, cost justification and VP Designee approval is required If Lodging rate is >200% of the CONUS/OCONUS allowed rate, cost justification, VP signature, and Local funds are required Lists CONUS/OCONUS standard rates and exceptions If package deal, dept. must provide breakdown of expenses Must provide a business purpose for internet, phone calls, printing and copy charges

  23. Air Fare and Registration (Cont.) Air Fare / Train Fare / Ground Transportation (Column # 8) Hard copy final confirmation pages from Internet site showing total cost, fare class, confirmation of service, and method of payment Special service fee requires explanations (e.g. baggage fees,change fees) No Business (Accommodation fees) / First class Registration (Column # 8) Proof of payment (receipt, cancelled check, e-mail from organization confirming payment Registration form /invoice showing total cost

  24. Business Meals Business Meals (Column # 8) Detailed itemized receipt or a memo signed by the Designee stating no alcohol involved Designee approval needed when using state or grant funds Who, What, When, Where, Why? Business Purpose for the meal(s) and List of Participants (attendees’ occupations, titles, or other designations, in lieu of names is acceptable) Specify if meal is breakfast, lunch, or dinner Alcohol charges are not reimbursable as part of a business meal If meal is over 150% of the CONUS/OCONUS allowable rates, local funds and a VP signature are required

  25. Acceptable Proof of Payment $0 balance of bill / invoice. Itemized bill and C.C Statement showing the Traveler’s name and the charge that matches the receipt. If expenses were paid with a check, the traveler must show that the check was cashed by providing a checking account statement showing that the check has cleared or an image of the front and back side of the cashed check. No receipt required if expense is $25 or less.

  26. Foreign Travel VP Signature Per Diem Rates* * Hawaii and Puerto Rico Rates* * Per Diem Breakdown* * Conversions (FX Converter)* *

  27. Practice Questions Question: Calculate the alcohol w/ the appropriate proportion of tax and tip for a business dinner for 2 in Richmond, VA. Answer:

  28. Practice Questions (cont.) Question: Calculate the total allowable for a business dinner for 2 in San Antonio, TX. Answer:

  29. Practice Questions (cont.) Question:(A) Calculate the total allowable for a business lunch for 2 in Washington, DC on 5/20. (B) Calculate the overage. Answer A: Total Allowable for 2 people Answer B:Overage

  30. Practice Questions (cont.) • Question:(A) What is the allowable CONUS/OCONUS rate for lodging in Wytheville, VA? The hotel charged $155 for the room rate and $15.50 for the room tax. (B) Calculate the overage of >200%. • Answer A: The allowable CONUS/OCONUS rate is $70. Up to 200% is $140.00. (70 x 200% = 140.00). • Answer B:

  31. Practice Questions (cont.) • Question:(A) What is the allowable CONUS/OCONUS rate for lodging in Las Vegas, NV on 2/28? The hotel charged $130 for the rate and $26 for the tax. (B) What is the allowable up to 200%? (C) Is the hotel rate within the allowable 200%? • Answer A: $126 • Answer B: $126 X 200% = $252 • Answer C: Yes, however the lodging rate still exceeds 100% of the base rate, so a lodging explanation is needed. If it is not a conference hotel, a VP Designee signature will also be required.

  32. Practice Questions (cont.) • Question:(A) What is the allowable CONUS/OCONUS rate for lodging in Las Vegas, NV on 6/15 (Shared Room)? The hotel charged $200 for the rate + $20 for an extra person and $20 for the tax. (B) What is the allowable CONUS/OCONUS rate up to 200%? (C) Is the hotel rate within the allowable? • Answer A: $105 • Answer B: $105 x 200% = $210. • Answer C: Yes. $210 will be your allowable room rate per night, but you are also allowed whatever additional fees are charged for additional persons in the room. This means, $210 +$20 = $230 would be allowable on state funds.

  33. Practice Questions (cont.) • Question: Calculate per diem on a travel day to Chicago, IL w/ lunch provided. • Answer:

  34. Practice Questions (cont.) • Question: Calculate per diem on a full day in Cleveland, OH w/ breakfast provided. • Answer:

  35. Practice Questions (cont.) • Question: Calculate per diem for a foreign travel day with a rate of $125. • Answer:

  36. Practice Questions (cont.) • 11.Question: Are Tips for Taxis, Bellhop, etc.allowed (A) with full per diem? (B) Without per diem? • Answer: • Not allowed • Yes, but must not exceed 15% of total fare • Question: The traveler takes a taxi to the movies. Is this reimbursable on state funds? • Answer: No. Taxis can only be used for business purposes (to and from airport, conference, business meal and functions, etc.)

  37. Questions