dna printing the double helix n.
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DNA Printing the double helix PowerPoint Presentation
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DNA Printing the double helix

DNA Printing the double helix

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DNA Printing the double helix

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  1. DNAPrinting the double helix Using 3D Printers Produced By- Dave White. Head of D&T Clevedon School

  2. DNA • Most people have heard of DNA and know that it has something to do with genetics, few know that DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid. • DNA is an acid that contains all the instructions used in the development and function of organisms and viruses. • The structure of DNA is a double helix • More information can be found here Picture from wikipedia

  3. Print your own DNA • This double helix is printable although it may be difficult without using support material. • This example was designed using OpenSCAD. This free software uses scripts to define the objects rather than the more conventional drawing tools, but this would allow you to make modifications to the model. • OpenSCAD can be obtained here and a script for generating this shape from the Thingiverse website

  4. .stl files • If you don’t fancy trying to use OpenSCAD then there are some .stl files on Thingiverse that you could use. • There are 3 different versions the "Left-handed" and "Right-Handed" spirals. Right-handed corresponds to native B-DNA, the active form in most cells, and Left-handed corresponds to Z-DNA, the generally inactive form. Both are technically inaccurate with regard to spiral winding, but that's easy to fix in the script if you have a machine capable of supported printing. The third file is difficult to print but a more accurate representation of DNA. •

  5. Credits... • The DNA files were produced by “Cathelgarvey” and published on Thingiverse It’s probably best if he introduces himself..... • Hi, I'm Cathal! I studied Genetics in UCC, and am undertaking a postgrad with the Cancer Research Centre in Cork, Ireland. I enjoy science in all its forms (Particularly DIYbio and Genetics), walks/runs/hikes/bikes outdoors (the wilder, the better), computers, P&P Roleplaying, PS3/PC gaming with friends, and recently Design and Engineering.I got a 3D printer for the feeling of achievement you get when you design something and get to hold it in your own hands. I'm experimenting with product design and marketing through and with the Makerbot/Thingiverse community, and all of my designs are released under a Creative Commons license regardless of whether I sell them or not. See IMPORTANT: After you have printed, remember to post under "I made one!" on Thingiverse.