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  1. PROGRAMS Michael Simon Director of Internal Affairs Department Training Committee

  2. Programs • Texas Boys State • Baseball • Boy Scouts • Sons of The American Legion • Oratorical • School Awards • Junior Shooting • Legion Riders

  3. Texas Boys State Paul Barker • A flagship program of the Legion • Held Annually In June at the University of Texas at Austin • $275.00 per delegate • Delegates MUST be interviewed by the sponsoring post. • Most desired quality is a desire to attend. • Material is sent out Feb-Mar to all Posts and High Schools in Texas • Public school, private school, charter school, home school. • Male who has completed his junior year and one semester of his senior year left.

  4. BaseballDan Cook, • Senior and Junior Teams • A team can be sponsored by a post, district, or other community organization. • Registration must be through the Post. • Team manager must be a legionnaire. • Expense is in uniforms, and equipment. Best if sponsored by another group. Local business, church. • Great program to get the community youth involved.

  5. Boy ScoutsDon Long, • A Post level program. • Even if the Post does not sponsor the troop, they can be involved in supporting the troop. • Eagle Scout of the Year application. Must be in a troop sponsored by a legion post or have a parent or grandparent who were or are legionnaires.

  6. Sons of The American LegionJohn Schendel, • A great program to increase participation • Advisor must be a legionnaire. • Encourage dual membership. • Must be endorsed in the Post C&BL. • Exists at the pleasure of the Post.

  7. OratoricalBarbra Hemmer • A flag ship program of the Legion. • Open to 9-12 grade student. • Public school, private school, charter school, home school. • All level of contest should be held the same way the state contest is held. • Scholarship money for all levels at the state contest.

  8. School Awards Barbra Hemmer • One of the Easiest Programs to have. • A legionnaire goes and speaks to schools “Graduating” classes • Students moving from Elementary to Middle School. • Students moving from Middle School to High School. • Students Graduating from High School. • Recipients selected by the student body for the grade.

  9. School Awards Subjects • Courage • Bravery is the face of opposition and danger. • Service • Kindliness, unselfishness, protection of the weak • Honor • Highly developed moral character, moral excellence • Leadership • Ability to lead and to accomplish through group action • Patriotism • An ideal of loyal Americanism, religious tolerance • Scholarship • Attainments in school studies.

  10. Junior ShootingGlenn Scott, • A program between the post and national. • Post sponsoring a shooting program. • Club in a Box (CIB) can be received free from the Texas State Rifle Association . • This type of program can also increase membership.

  11. Legion RidersGary Towers • A post level program. • Must be endorsed in the Post C&BL. • A great membership recruiting tool. • Must be a member of the Legion, SONS, or Auxiliary. • Advisor must be a legionnaire.

  12. Programs • Each post should be involved in some program. • Some programs cost little. • Community involvement is the key to successful programs. • Programs are about Public Relations. • Successful Programs = Membership Growth

  13. Questions? • Each District and Division have chairpersons for all programs. • We are here to help you, but can not do your job. • Michael Simon • • 512-472-4138 x6 • 512-897-7331

  14. THE STORY OF A MEMBERSHIP TEAM THAT FAILED • This is a story about four Legionnaires named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. • There was a movement in the district trying to reach its membership goals and Everybody was sure that Somebody would get it done. • Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Now Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. • Everybody thought Anybody would do it. Nobody realized that Everybody would not do it. • It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done. • EVERYBODY CAN BE A SOMEBODY-----ANYBODY CAN BE A NOBODY………WHO ARE YOU ?????? • RECRUIT, RENEW, REINSTATE…BE SUCCESSFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!