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  1. Developer • Connected • MarketPlace Programs

  2. Dentrix Developer Member Benefits The Henry Schein Dentrix Developer Program is a program provided by Henry Schein to the developer community of Dentrix G5 software. DDP allows developers to develop, test and certify integrated products for Dentrix G5. Through convenient web access, the developers can receive support from HSPS to create products that will deliver shared value to Dentrix customers. Through DDP web access, multiple tools are provided: Dentrix G5 software – (LDK) Software Development Kit (SDK) API credentials and password API Documentation Product Manuals Developer Forum Resource Center Technical Support eLearning Product Training Product Certifications Quarterly Partner Newsletter Enrollment in the Dentrix Beta Program Application for Dentrix Connected Application for MarketPlace

  3. Dentrix Developer Program • Software Development Kit • Developers can select the READ or READ/WRITE SDK. The READ SDK allows the ability to access Dentrix G5 data and present this data in a customized design format. The READ/WRITE SDK allows the developer the ability to access Dentrix G5 data and also integrate data into Dentrix G5 product. • What type of data will the Dentrix SDK allow developers to read? • Patient Information • Provider/Staff Information • Account Balances • Payment Agreements • Appointments • Patient Recall • Insurance Information • Office Journal Information • Prescriptions • Completed Procedures • Account Payments Adjustments • Treatment Plans • Provider Production • Referrals

  4. Certification

  5. Certification Certification Certification of your product is an additional cost, to certify your product for a READ or Bridge/Link integration it is $ 250. To certify for a READ/WRITE integration it is $ 500. Certification from the Dentrix Developer Program is designed to recognize a developer’s expertise and deliver value to help both Dentrix and their business thrive. It is recognition that the Certified Developer possesses a high degree of competence and expertise with Dentrix technology. Here is a brief explanation of the Certification process. After you become a member of DDP, receive your SDK and develop your product, you will notify Dentrix through the DDP site that you are ready to certify your product. A member of the Dentrix Developer Program staff will contact you to proceed with the certification process.

  6. Certification • Certification • Once you have been accepted for certification, you will need to submit: • Product documentation • Your software/hardware product • The DDP staff will consult with you on the Certification Test Specification, so you will know exactly what is going to be tested. In some cases it may require documentation that you have performed testing yourself. The certification process may also require an independent review of your source code, depending on your application. • Once everything is in place the DDP staff will install your software and scan the product for viruses and other malware, and then run the agreed upon tests to ensure your product does what it says it will do. Once the agreed upon testing scenarios have been successfully completed the product will be Dentrix certified!

  7. Dentrix Developer Program Fees * Dentrix Connected Program and MarketPlace may involve additional costs

  8. Dentrix Market/Distribution Programs • Dentrix Connected Level A • Dentrix Connected Level B • Dentrix MarketPlace • Dentrix Connected • Level B • DENTRIX • MarketPlace • Dentrix Connected • Level A

  9. Connected The Dentrix Connected Program is a market/distribution program for Dentrix certified products. There are two appointed levels: Level A: Sole distribution by the approved 3rd party vendor. Dentrix will provide the Tier A listed tools and vehicles to assist in marketing. Level B: Provides the opportunity to market with Henry Schein Dentrix, sharing in the marketing execution costs. The co-marketing program is limited to Dentrix Connected partners and at this time is by invitation only. • Level A - Free • Welcome Letter • Logo • Logo Style Guide • Authorized Messaging • Web Listing • eNewsletter • Identifier in eStore • Product Book • Level B – Fee Based • Co-Marketing Discounts • Vendor Purchased Marketing • Dentrix Magazine • eNewsletter • Partner Pavilion • Webinars • Seminars • Signage

  10. Dentrix Distribution Program • Once aproduct has been developed these products can be sold in the MarketPlace,an online store for Dentrix users. These products are available to Dentrix Dental Practices nationwide. • No charge for marketing fees • No charge for hosting fees • No charge for upload fees • No charge for transition fees • No charge for shipping • No charge for fulfillment • No charge for credit card fees • 67% sales revenue of each product sold in the store! • Leverage the Power of Dentrix, whether you are a multi-million dollar software company or multitalented dentist with programming skills, Dentrix Developer Program, Dentrix Connected and Dentrix MarketPlace can help you leverage the market strength of Dentrix to grow your business.

  11. MarketPlace Site

  12. Web Sign In Program Overview Flyer Power Point Downloadable PDF Registration Level Selection Pricing Downloadable PDF Dbase Capture Dentrix Approval Level API Contract Forum Tech Knowledge Base DDP Resources Center Certification Connected Program Application Connected Program Sign Up Procedure MarketPlace Program Application MarketPlace Program

  13. Product API Bridge/Link READ READ/WRITE Bridge/Link - $ 250 READ - $ 250 READ/WRITE - $ 500 Non Certified Bridge/Link READ READ/WRITE Certified Bridge/Link READ READ/WRITE Annual Membership Non-Competitive $ 1,000 Competitive $ 5,000 Certification Bridge/Link - $ 250 READ - $ 250 READ/WRITE - $ 500 Distribution Dentrix Connected Certified Products only MarketPlace Certified Products Non Certified Products Connected Program MarketPlace Program Product Procedure

  14. For more information about these Dentrix Programs: Developer Program or contact us at Connected Program or contact us at MarketPlace Program or contact us at