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The peak oil PowerPoint Presentation
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The peak oil

The peak oil

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The peak oil

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  1. The aim is to explain in short what is the major trend to follow in order to invest in the next 10 years. The peak oil

  2. Imagine this: we have 10 litres of oil and 1 litre of oil we need daily. We divide 10 liters by the daily consumption, we obtain ten days of oil consumption. The problem is solved? No! You suspect it well, it is not also simple.

  3. If we say to you "you have 30 days' consumption of oil reserves," then you imagine that the person who calculated that consumption has been cautious and consumption has dropped to 0.33 liter per day (10/30=0.33). • Nevertheless, she informs you that you consume 3 liters a day! You say the person exposed to the sun for too long, 3 liters * 30 days = 90 liters! It's impossible your reserves are 10 litres.

  4. We scam you without lying. • You can consume 3 litres per day, but only a single day the rest of the time it's diet. • Your oil consumption will then have the following form :

  5. The illusion is that there are indeed 30 days of total consumption, but not at 3 litres per day every day! That consumption is valid only for one day. (No luck! Precisely where you are).

  6. We do not lie to you when we say to you that there were 30 days of oil, we do not lie to you either when to you are told that today you can consume 3 liters. • However, you will be confused with a gallinacean having undergone a lobotomy when we promise you 30 days of oil to 3 litres per day with 10 litres of reserves.

  7. Next time you see a television journalist to say that it remains for 30 years oil reserves, maybe he confuses you with a chicken with reduced intellectual capacity.

  8. Even the IEA, which is the energy that FIFA is football, which nevertheless demonstrated a complacent about the production of oil, said in its annual report for 2007 "The eventuality, for the period which separates us from 2015, from a crisis towards the offer which would come along with an inspiration of the oil prices is not to exclude."

  9. Peak production will push up the price of oil and energy in general (gas, uranium, coal, electricity…). This is the most important trend to follow the next ten years. In 2003 and 2004, I told you oil goes up, I say to you today not to release it is just the beginning. Oil at 100 $ a barrel is not a maximum, it is the beginning of the rise… Dr Thomas Chaize www.dani2989.comFree Mailing list & Contact You can send this slideshow to whomever you want, it is even recommended by the author.