welcome to new student orientation n.
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Welcome to New Student Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to New Student Orientation

Welcome to New Student Orientation

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Welcome to New Student Orientation

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  1. Welcome to New Student Orientation

  2. Full Time LCVS Team Here to help you every step of the way! • Principal: Jessica Lowe • Dean of Curriculum: Ashley Crowley • Guidance: Jan Anderson • English: Ken Bishop • Math: Kelvin Graves, Meghan Pickles , Lee Greenfield • Science:  Kelly Pagan, Karen Brown • Spanish: Marie Pujols-Lopez • Front Office :  Freda Jackson  • Homeschool Compliance Officer: Maegen Carey • Help Desk:

  3. Academic History Review

  4. School Calendar & Important Dates

  5. Jessica Lowe, Principal Ashley Crowley, Dean of Curriculum Jan Anderson, Lead Guidance Counselor

  6. FLDVIPN Conference Presentation by Sandra Eggers, FDOE

  7. A student’s perspective…

  8. Student Centered Decision-making

  9. Student History • Student Interests • Student & Family Communication Style • Academic Strengths & Improvement Areas • Overall Health • Student Record Audit • Standardized Performance Results • New Student Orientation & Parent Academy Intake Process

  10. Acceleration/Remediation • Block schedule • Individualized pacing plans • One-on-one tutoring • Socioeconomic support • Counseling referral • Mastery learning model • Instructional gap analysis • WOW days • LOG day field trips Intervention

  11. Learning on the go!

  12. Learning on the go!

  13. Weekly academic performance review by administration • Includes all students • Lead Teacher Intervention Meetings • Includes all students • Required student/parent communication • Progress reports • Student self advocacy Consistent Monitoring

  14. Parents are Partners

  15. 100% Graduation Rate

  16. LCVS Student Handbook

  17. Leon County Schools Student Code of Conduct

  18. Academic Integrity Pledge

  19. Attend Monthly meetings • Take all state examinations • Maintain appropriate pace • Follow semester guidelines • Academic Integrity • Establish and Maintain Regular Communication Conditional Enrollment Agreement

  20. As a LCVS Parent, You can • Monitor your child's progress (Parent/Guardian Account)After your student creates an account to sign up for classes, you will create your own Parent/Guardian Account that you will use to monitor course requests and progress in each course. (See ‘how to create a parent/guardian account’ handout.) • Support Academic IntegrityAcademic Integrity is one of our core values and one of the most important areas of focus as a learning organization. Students with Academic Integrity make decisions based on ethics and values that will prepare them to be productive and ethical citizens.

  21. As a LCVS Parent, You can • Communicate with teachersYour child's teacher will be available to you on a daily basis to answer questions about the course. Each month you will be contacted by your student's teacher to talk about the course and the progress that your student is making. • Participate in Student ActivitiesSeveral times a semester we have a community activity for your student to attend. Parents are always welcome to join us. “Like” us on Facebook in order to stay up to date with all activities!

  22. Courses & Activities at Home Zoned School • Students may take classes at their home zoned school. Please contact the Assistant Principal of Curriculum to ensure that there is class space. • Students may join clubs and play sports at their home zoned school. Contact the school site athletic director and coach to be sure they have all appropriate paperwork. • Please notify LCVS if you plan to take classes or play sports at your home zoned school.

  23. WOW Days • Working on the Work days are our mandatory monthly Wednesday meetings from 9 – 12 • WOW Days include face to face lessons and 1 on 1 meetings • This is also an opportunity to ask questions and for your teacher and you to work together. • Jessica Lowe must approve your absence.

  24. Tutoring • Open “Free” tutoring is available every Wednesday starting Sept. 4th • No appointment is required.   • 12:30- 2:00 Math • 2:00 – 3:30 all other subjects • To request appointments for tutoring on other days, please contact teacher or the help desk at

  25. Lunch bunch is the student’s social time prior to tutoring on WOW Days from 12:00 – 12:30 Lunch Bunch Wednesdays

  26. Learning On the Go Days! (LOG Days) What students/parents must complete in advance to attend: 1. Activity Form 2.  Emergency and Medical Form 3. Parent/ Guardian: Complete the Volunteer form at least 2 weeks prior to our first Field Trip Day if you are planning to attend Online Application. (*Required for every school year) STEAM Learning on the Go Days, are opportunities to teach students to become good citizens, while incorporating field trips to study-related institutions and experiential, project-based learning.

  27. LCVS Courses & Diploma • The LCVS diploma is accepted at all post secondary institutions as well as the military. • 24 credit standard diploma • 18 credit ACCEL diploma • Scholar Diploma Designation • Merit Diploma Designation • LCVS coursework is accepted for the Bright Futures Scholarship. • We hold a high school graduation ceremony every May.

  28. High School Dual Enrollment • If the student meets the College and District requirements, Dual Enrollment opportunities are offered with: Lively TCC FAMU FSU

  29. Middle & High Required Testing • State mandated test dates – students must come to LCVS to take the test • FSA : Retakes 11th grade • ELA writing (grades 4 -10) • FSA ELA (grades 5- 10) • Math (grades 5-8) • FCAT 2.0 Science (grades 5-8) • EOC courses (Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, US History, Civics) • Advanced Placement Tests given at LCVS in May

  30. The online school experience

  31. Welcometo the Online Learning Experience! We will be discussing three main subtopics today. 1 3 2 Academic Integrity Pacing and Work Ethic Communication and Learning Tools We will be here for you every step of the way. Ok.

  32. 1 Academic Integrity Doing your own work.

  33. How else will my teacher verify that I’m doing my own work? Discussion Based Assessments – A phone call with your teacher to discuss what you are learning. Your teacher will be able to assess what you understand about your content area during this call. Proctored Exams- A password will be provided to access your exam and your teacher will monitor your progress. Honesty Matters- We are committed to your success and we trust that you will make the right decisions in regards to academic integrity. Academic Integrity

  34. 2 Communication and Learning Tools Take the initiative!

  35. Communication • Phone Calls • Email • Assignment Feedback • Text Messages • Tutoring Days • WOW Days/Meetings Your teacher cares. They want to answer your questions. They want to hear from you. Communication is the KEY to SUCCESS in online learning!

  36. Leon County Virtual School recognizes that email is a valuable communication tool in our society and an essential part of the LCVS experience. In order to help us successfully address concerns and questions, please follow these suggested guidelines: • Emails should be kept professional. Keep content short and to the point. • Always include your name and the class you are in • Emails should contain a clear, short description of email in subject line • Include your full name in the close of your email. • Do not use “cell phone text” abbreviations or slang in email. • Be mindful of spelling; perform a spell check before sending out. • Avoid putting text in all capital letters for importance, this can be conveyed as yelling or set a different tone in the email than your intention. • Do not include any personal or sensitive information about a student or staff member in an email. This should be handled over the phone or in person. • Emails are considered legal documents. They are part of a discovery process under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). • Teachers will not respond via email to discuss contentious, emotional, or highly confidential issues. These issues are best handled by phone or in person.

  37. 3 Pacing and Work Ethic You must work on the work.

  38. What is pace? • Pace - the rate as with something gets done. • It is your schedule of assignments that you are required to complete each week! • Our weeks run Monday through Friday. • You can work weekends, but use it to work ahead! Pace Chart

  39. Don’t sprint through the course. You have to give yourself time to learn the material and absorb the concepts. However, don’t crawl through the course so slowly that you lose focus. Keeping a steady pace that we’ve set for you with the pacing guides will keep you on track. Schedule Yourself. Our Goal is to keep you working at a steady pace that will keep you moving and motivated but will not overload and stress you out. A little bit every day works best.

  40. Managing Expectations: • What should I expect on day one? • What should I expect the first month? Organizing your time session: • School Calendar & Pacing • Course Pacing • DBAs, Monthly Calls Let’s get organized!

  41. Go to and enter your FLVS username and password. • Click Login. • Click on messages and read your emails daily! Accessing Your Courses - ALL STUDENTS

  42. Check your courses to see if any are marked CONTACT INSTRUCTOR. If you see one, contact your teacher immediately! • Click “course” to view one of your classes. Accessing your courses continued…

  43. All work is found in the MODULES. Modules are like chapters in a book. You can access the modules under the LESSONS button. Lessons

  44. The Announcement Page: • This acts as the teachers’ bulletin board • You are required to read the announcement page EACH TIME you log into the course! • Information can change daily! • Here you will find: • Office Hours • Phone Numbers • Email • Important Course Information Announcements

  45. Assessments are your assignments. • All assignments are turned in through the ASSESSMENTS or GRADEBOOK tabs. • Resubmissions and some late assignments are only accessible through GRADEBOOK. Gradebook

  46. Gradebook has the most accurate and current information about assignments and grades! • Teacher’s comments on your assessments. • Where to resubmit work. • Current grade is at the very bottom of the page. Understanding your Gradebook

  47. Always check “Submit for grading” • Always do work in chronological order. Do not skip around. Attach your file Your Text Here! Submitting an Assignment - File Check the box to submit for grading