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  1. David This was the summer of David!

  2. Where was David born? Bethlehem

  3. From what tribe was David descended? The Tribe of Judah. Judah was one of Joseph’s brothers

  4. When David was a boy, what was his job? Shepherd

  5. What musical instrument did David play? A Harp

  6. David Wrote songs. What are they called? Psalms

  7. This is what a Psalm looks like when it is written in Hebrew, the language that David spoke. Hebrew is written from the right to the left.

  8. What wild animals did David kill to protect the sheep? A lion and a bear

  9. Who was David’s father? Jesse

  10. David was just a boy, why was he at the battle? His father, Jesse had sent him to take food to his brothers.

  11. Did David’s brothers want him to fight Goliath? No, they didn’t want him to fight Goliath.

  12. Why did David say he was not afraid? Because God was with him.

  13. What did King Saul promise to give David if he killed the giant? His daughter Michal to be David’s wife.

  14. How many stones did David take to battle? 5

  15. Where did David get the five smooth stones? From a stream

  16. Why didn’t David wear armor? The armor was heavy and he wasn’t used to it.

  17. Who was the giant David had to defeat? Goliath

  18. How tall was Goliath ? Almost 10 feet tall!

  19. Goliath wasn’t an Israelite, he was a _____________? Philistines

  20. What was the weapon David used against Goliath? A sling

  21. Where did the stone hit Goliath? On his forehead

  22. After David killed Goliath, what did the priest of Nob give him? Goliath’s sword

  23. What was the name of the valley where David defeated Goliath? Valley of Elah

  24. God told Samuel to go to the house of Jesse to find the new king? What was he to take with him? A horn of oil for Anointing

  25. When Samuel ask Jesse for his sons, how many sons did he bring to him? 7

  26. What did Samuel asked Jesse after he had seen the seven sons? Don’t you have any other son?

  27. Jesse told Samuel he had one other son, David. Where was David? He was tending the sheep.

  28. Who anointed David? Samuel

  29. How did Samuel know David was the right one? God told him.

  30. What king did David play the harp for who later tried to kill him? Saul

  31. Who was David’s best friend? Jonathan

  32. Think about David I hope you have all learned a lot about David this summer. Why don’t you take a few minutes to think about David. What are some things about him that were good?

  33. Think about David Was he brave? How do we know he was brave? We know he loved and trusted God. He was kind to the sheep. Anything Else?

  34. Thank you all for being here on Sunday mornings to study and learn about God. Before you leave today, please remember to thank your teachers.