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  1. PC Guy Rob David J E L L Y

  2. What Is Jelly? Jelly is a substance used in food such as desserts and food preserves. Jelly is made from a substance called Gelatin… So, What is Gelatin?

  3. What is Gelatin? Gelatin is a soft brittle and nearly tasteless substance used as an emulsifier in food. It is also used to make jelly. Gelatin is extracted from the collagen inside an animals connective tissue. The production of gelatin starts with the soaking of cattle hides or pig skins in either a dilute acid or lime solution. Pig or cattle bones are degreased and soaked in acid or lime to remove the calcium. The resulting soft tissue is called ossein. The ossein is then soaked in the same manner as the hide or skin. This process partially hydrolyzes the collagen; which is not water soluble prior to this step. The hide, skin or bone is washed and then cooked in hot water to extract the gelatin. The extract is then dried and ground to form a powder.

  4. Gelatin Used In Desserts To make gelatin desserts, typically powdered gelatin is mixed with sugar, and additives such as adipic acid, fumaric acid, sodium citrate, and artificial flavorings and food colors. Very hot water is added to swell and melt the powdered gelatin. The dessert gels slowly as it cools.

  5. Buddhism Buddhists are not able to eat Gelatine. A strict Buddha religious rule is vegetarianism. This is mainly because of the animals that are tortured in the production of poultry, gelatines and fats etc. Buddhists are strongly against torture to animals and refuse to eat jelly as it is made out of gelatin which is from animals. However, Buddhists will, if required eat vegetarian jelly.

  6. Vegetarianism Strict vegetarians and in most circumstances all vegetarians are not able to eat jelly, either because of their beliefs against cruelty to animals or because of the animal stock (fat, bones etc) that are used to make Gelatin A prime example of a vegetarian who won’t eat jelly… Wait a sec, why would Vegetarians not like how Jelly is made???

  7. Your average machine used to make the bits you need from animals to make Gelatin Well this is how its made…

  8. Extratives Extratives Then its all mixed together with extratives… Censored

  9. So this is Gelatin. It is usually made into a powdered substance which is easy for shipping and good to make food with (such as desserts). But as you just saw, all Gelatin basically is, is processed cow bones and pig skins. So when you next think about eating jelly beans, bare in mind what goes into your mouth! Enjoy!

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