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  1. David By Amy Calleja

  2. Since king Saul disobeyed God. God told Samuel to go to Jesse’s house and called his sons and the one he chooses will be king.

  3. When Samuel arrived, Jesse got him his first son, then his second son until each son who was in his house was called.

  4. Samuel asked Jesse if he had another son and he told him that he had another son but he was taking care of the sheep so Samuel told him to go and bring him.

  5. Jesse called David, his youngest son and told him to come home. God told Samuel that he was the one he had chosen. So Samuel blessed him with the holy oil in front of his brothers.

  6. David knew how to play the harp and every time king Saul was in a bad mood David used to go and play the harp for him.

  7. God gave David many talents such as courage, playing the harp, using the sling shot, writing poetry, being a good leader and wisdom.

  8. One day, a Philistine the size of a giant called Goliath, wanted to take over Israel. He told king Saul so that one of his soldiers would fight him.

  9. But all his soldiers were scared to fight him. David was bringing food to his brothers when he heard Goliath challenging the Israelites.

  10. But David wasn’t scared so he got five stones and threw one of them with his sling shot. David hit him with a pebbleand killed him.