emotional intelligence n.
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

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  1. Emotional Intelligence Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  2. They have grown up with • The Internet and the World Wide Web for the general user • PCs requiring few keyboard skills • Sophisticated computer graphics • Cellular phones • Instant messaging • DVD • Digital Audio - Mp3, iPod • TiVo DVR devices • HDTV • Broadband Internet • Digital Cameras • Camera phones Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  3. As students, they..... • Respond to visual stimuli • Have great hand-eye coordination • Are able to multi-task BUT • Have a concentration span of ten minutes or less • Have a poor sense of real time Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  4. As learners, they.... • Have poorly developed developmental goals • Possess lower academic skills • Function at lower cognitive levels • Expect academic success with little effort • Believe they are entitled to good grades Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  5. Learner Outcomes • Good reading comprehension • Poor analysis or application skills • Poor problem solving and reasoning skills • Poor appreciation of scientific methods • Poor memory and reasoning • Poor language skills • Focus on performance goals over learning goals • Surface learning over deep learning • A lack of general and global knowledge • Poorly developed higher level cognitive skills Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  6. and, as people... Low EQ Learner Outcomes Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  7. What is Emotional Intelligence? • “It is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.” Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  8. Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence, Bantam Books 1995 Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  9. Why is it important? • “Learning doesn’t take place in isolation from kids’ feelings. Being emotionally literate is as important for learning as instruction in math and reading.” Karen Stone McCown • “Stress makes people stupid, i.e when emotionally upset, people cannot remember, attend, learn, or make decisions clearly.” Daniel Goleman Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  10. Is it a problem ? • Changes in society are affecting EQ development. EQ is initially developed in childhood and youth, and research suggests that successive generations are becoming less emotionally aware. Factors contributing to this may include changes in family structure, a reduced family role in education, mobility and the influence of technology. Whatever the reasons, the teaching and development of Emotional Intelligence is becoming important across the curriculum, from elementary to university level. Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  11. The future student Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  12. “.. in the days of rote-learning and teacher-dominated classrooms the relationship between teacher and group was paramount and the question of interrelationships within the group was not vital, in present-day EFL classrooms, where pairwork and groupwork have become the norm, relationships within the group become more important: it is fundamental to the success of these activities to have support and co-operation from the group and a harmonious relationship between its members. Where students act as a pool of resources for each other, refusal to co-operate means that a vital element of the learning process is missing. A group whose members are not on speaking terms will not learn much in a student-centred classroom!” Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  13. Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  14. What’s wrong with these questions? How often do you..................? • Brush your teeth • Take a shower • Change your socks • Play football with your friends at school • Chat on MSN • Watch TV Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  15. Very often, often, sometimes, rarely, never • How often do you: • Cry • Laugh • Argue with your sister/ brother • Feel sad for no reason • Feel happy for no reason • Daydream • Forget things • Wish you were someone else • Get angry • Do silly things • Make mistakes • Really have fun • Change your mind Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  16. I am you Imagine you are your partner and complete the sentences. • I like the colour_________because__________________ • I sometimes worry about__________________________ • My biggest fear is________________________________ • My ambition is to________________________________ • I like people who________________________________ • People like me because___________________________ Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  17. If I were you... • If I found some money in the street, I would............................. • If I saw a spider in the bedroom, I would....................................... • If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would........................ • A perfect day for me would be one where............................... Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  18. Predicting similarities • We are both... • We both have... • We both like... • When we were younger we both used to... • In the future both of us will probably... Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010

  19. Thank you for participating !Put your negative feelings in the dustbin !! Steve Darn Bodrum April 2010