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Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten

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Welcome to Kindergarten

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  1. Welcome to Kindergarten Mrs. Clark’s Class

  2. Introducing…Mrs. Clark

  3. Introducing…Mrs. Lieberman Max

  4. And Here’s Ms. Bohn!

  5. Transportation • Make sure you fill: • bus form • small blue bus “ticket” this is your ticket out today. • We must know how your child get’s home.

  6. Transportation • If there is a change, you MUST send a note or call the school immediately. • We cannot place a child on a different bus or send them home with anyone else without written notification.

  7. Supplies • Brown bag • Please purchase a pencil box before first day of school.

  8. Folders • Daily Take-home Folder: • Comes home daily (usually) • Return to School/ Keep at Home • Put notes in front. Do NOT count on me receiving emails during the day. I check it at 7ish, sometimes at 11am and then after school. • Homework will come home starting in October. More information to come on Back to School night.

  9. Folders • Thursday Folder: • Comes home every Thursday(usually) • Return to School on Friday, initialed • Contains information that is for the entire school • Will come home even if it is empty

  10. Shared Reading Books • This is an interactive journal that is used daily. • A new poem is added each week. • When it comes home (usually Friday) please enjoy reading together, then return the next day(usually Monday). • It is important to bring it back so your child can use it the following week for interactive activities that we do as a class.

  11. Dressing for School • Please make sure your child wears appropriate outdoor clothing necessary. We go out unless it is below freezing or raining. • Girls—wear shorts under dresses/skirts.

  12. Dressing for School • Help your child learn to tie shoes. Until they can, velcro or other non-tie shoes are encouraged. • Girls—wear shorts under dresses/skirts.

  13. Attendance • Call the attendance hotline if a child will be out or late • Attendance Hotline: (703) 957-4330 • Kids that ride a bus that is late are NEVER marked tardy • Extended absences- notify principal for approval.

  14. Attendance • Daily punctual attendance is important for school success. • Sickness is a great reason to be home. • Extended absences- notify principal for approval.

  15. Delays and Early Dismissals •

  16. Backpacks • Please check daily. • Backpacks without wheels. • Soon there will be: • Homework notebooks • Shared Reading books • Library books

  17. Birthdays • As a general rule, • NO food can be brought. • CAN NOT send in invitations unless it is to ENTIRE CLASS. • Alternatives may include: • Donate a book to our class library in honor of birthday. We will put a special label on it. • A piece of recess equipment (jump rope, hula hoop, playground ball, etc.)

  18. Volunteers • Two room parents to help organize special room events and grade-level events. • If you would like to be a room parent, please sign up and if you have another parent in mind, include them. • There are other opportunities for volunteering: • At home, class, etc. • Once room parents are picked, an email with a link to sign-up genius will be used for this and other class events. • H:\sclark\Kindergarten\Beginning year\Volunteer & QuestionnaireClark.docx

  19. Parties • Room parents help with this by planning, organizing and getting participation from other parents. • Three parties: Fall Harvest, Valentine’s Day and End of Kindergarten. • Because of school liability, we cannot allow siblings to come to classroom events or fieldtrips.

  20. Snack • $50 for the entire year if purchasing milk from school. • You may bring in your own. Please label with their name.

  21. Food Allergies • Because there are some students that may have food allergies, we cannot have cupcakes/cookies and other food sent in. • For special parties, permission slips will be sent home so all are aware and can plan accordingly

  22. Medications • NEVER send a child’s medication with the child. It MUST BE BROUGHT IN BY A PARENT AND TAKEN STRAIGHT TO HEALTH CLINIC ASSISTANCE—Even cough drops! • If your child is taking cold or allergy medicine or an antibiotic, please send in a note. There may be a change in the child’s behavior because of the medication. • If your child is/was sick, make sure they are fever free (without tylenol/advil) for 24 hours prior to returning to school. This also goes for medications. Please see Ms. McClellan in the clinic if you have any questions.

  23. Wish List • On Door • Wish list items will be on the website.

  24. Scholastic Book Orders • Information will be sent home. • Can order online anytime. • I will process orders on the 15th of every month. More on Back to School Night

  25. National Board Certification • How I impact students learning? • Will be sending home a special permission for video taping that will ONLY be used for assessment of my teaching.

  26. Back to School Night • Thursday, September 12th • More details will be presented about • Curriculum • Report cards • Conference sign up

  27. General Questions?