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Welcome to Kindergarten! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

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Welcome to Kindergarten!

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  1. Welcome to Kindergarten! Please save any questions until the end as they may be answered during the presentation.

  2. A little bit about Miss Davis 3 Nephews Jack & Twins 1 niece Bianca Gluten free Vocal Chords Grad School Pro Cert 7th year of teaching K, 1, 4

  3. Miss Natalie City University Intern She will be with us all year Gradually increasing her teaching and classroom time Student teaching March-June Her role: teacher, support system for students

  4. Transitioning to Kindergarten Routines important- sleep, nutrition, bus ride, getting ready, etc. Build independence New school routines take a while to develop. Be sure to check in with your child each day. Check backpack daily- for communications and paperwork from me, website is updated weekly with newsletters, important dates and resources. Be patient!

  5. First Day Arrival Procedure BOTH AM/PM: Line up outside atrium doors facing Klahanie Blvd. Line #9 AM K: 8:25 PM K: 11:35 Bring your child to class on time with all supplies (if you have not already) Help sort out supplies in labeled tubs/hang up backpack and coat Help your child find their seat and begin coloring first day of school page When I call the students to the rug, that is your time to take a quick picture and we will wave goodbye! (please do not come give them a hug & kiss) I promise to take good care of your kids. Tardy? Must check in at the office before coming to class. Absent? Call the office.

  6. What should I do if my child cries?

  7. First Day Dismissal Procedure How is your child getting home? AM K- Children will exit through the front doors of the building. If you’re there, we’ll dismiss them to you. If they ride the bus, we’ll put them on the bus. At 11:10, I move students to the office. PM K- Bus riders will be put on the bus (lightning bolts) Walkers—meet at the end of the Kindergarten Hall Please don’t pick them up in the hallway. Give me a quick wave so I know you have your child. Students are moved to the office after buses and cars are gone. Please use crosswalks and come to your child.

  8. Other Procedures Walking School Procedures: crosswalks & pick up locations You must take your child to the office if they are tardy (tardy slip) Please call the office if your child is sick. To pick up your child early, sign your child out in the office and they will call our room for them. Dismissal at 11:15 on Wednesday for AM K No PM K on Wednesdays (see handout) Make sure your phone numbers and emergency contacts are current. Let us know if there are changes in dismissal plans ahead of time. Please send a note or email regarding these changes (call office mid day) Medications delivered to nurse directly.

  9. What to Bring • School Supplies (no labels-we share) • Supply lists---please see additional supply needs in folder (send to school by Monday) • Backpack (label w/name) • Jacket (label w/name) • Snack- healthy, please. No cookies, candy, or soda. Need to eat in 5 minutes or less. I won’t be supplying spoons, etc. –list of snack ideas on connect • Leave toys at home (unless its “Sharing” day) • More information on VIP and Sharing to come!

  10. Birthday Celebrations Crown Happy Birthday song Pencil/treasure chest gift Let me know if your child has a b-day on the weekend and we’ll pick a day, likewise with summer birthdays No invitations at school Treats are okay, please check approved list on Connect

  11. AM Daily Schedule

  12. PM Daily Schedule

  13. Library Day • We have library 1 time a week. • Starting in mid-October students will be allowed to check out one book every week. • Students may return their book anytime during the week and they must return it in order to check out a new book. • Establish a “special home” for books from school and make a habit of returning them to that place. • Good fit books vs. student choice

  14. Boomerang Folders • Go home and come back each day! • AM-Red, PM-Blue • Please check them every night • Homework, school news, paperwork etc. • Bring home, stay at home vs. bring home, bring back • Please email me with changes in dismissal procedure or if you have advanced notice absences • Check folder today: Handbook, Student 3-2-1 & information survey, WSP paperwork, information on Wednesday release days, book orders

  15. Book Orders These are for your convenience and there is no obligation to purchase. All purchases help our class earn free books. Books are value priced and usually arrive in 2 weeks. Online ordering No deadlines

  16. Curriculum Night Sept. 19th AM: 6:00/PM: 7:15 More specific information on classroom structures, routines, learning outcomes and special occasions. Conference Scheduling Volunteers will begin in October (unless needed) Volunteer paperwork: see folder (Everyone must fill out the WSP background paperwork)

  17. Upcoming Events Sept. 5th : First Day of Kindergarten Sept. 13th: Individual Pictures Sept 16th: Miss Davis out Sept. 19th: Curriculum Night October 4th: Walk A Thon October—Jubliee Farms

  18. Contact Information • Arrive 7:30 • Leave at 3:30 • Available before school, after school appointment only! • Available Wed. afternoons E-mail: I check email often Challenger Office: 425-837-7550 Phone- Message through office or arrange a time to chat in person/e-mail Website: coming soon….parent surveys via email or connect! Miss Davis’ AM/PM Kindergarten Website

  19. We’ll Have a Great Year! Have even more questions? Feel free to email me or write them on the “Parking Lot” and I will answer them via email!