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  1. A Parent’s Guide WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN Jefferson County Schools Jefferson County, Tennessee By: Sarah Hurst

  2. How old does my child need to be to enter Kindergarten? For the 2014-2015 school year and all school years thereafter, a child entering kindergarten must be five years old on or before August 15. However, a child does not have to enroll in school at five years of age, but enrollment must occur no later than the child's sixth birthday. Any transfer student applying for admission who was legally enrolled in an approved kindergarten in another state and who will be five years of age no later than December 31 of the current school year, shall be enrolled.

  3. What is the attendance policy for Kindergarten students? ATTENDANCE, EARLY DISMISSAL, AND TARDIES Absence is defined as nonattendance for an entire day, a major portion of the school day, or seventy-five (75%) of the school day. Excused absences shall include: 1. Personal illness with doctor’s note 2. Death in the family 3. Legal or court appearance 4. Religious observances 5. Doctor's Appointment Early dismissals will be allowed only: (1) In case of emergencies (2) With valid photo ID and on the child’s emergency pick-up list. (3) With a valid doctor's appointment card (4) With a validation of funeral attendance of immediate family. Unexcused late arrivals or unapproved early dismissals will accumulate on the student's attendance record. These aggregate days may be reported to parents for five (5) days notifications and to the attendance officer for ten (10) day notifications in compliance with Compulsory School Attendance Law.

  4. WHICH SCHOOL WILL MY CHILD ATTEND FOR KINDERGARTEN? Contact the school which is nearest to your home, and the secretary should be able to tell you the appropriate school at which to register. This decision is based upon your street address. Dandridge Elem. School: 397-3127 Jefferson Elem. School: 475-4712 Mt. Horeb Elem. School: 397-9472 New Market School: 475-3551 Piedmont Elem. School: 397-2939 Rush Strong School: 933-5313 Talbott Elem. School: 475-2988 White Pine School: 674-2596 Kindergarten Registration is May 6, 2014

  5. WHAT PAPERWORK IS NEEDED TO ENROLL MY CHILD IN KINDERGARTEN? • Birth Certificate-Can be obtained at the local Health Department. (397-3930) • Immunization/Shot Record-Official Copy must be obtained from your child’s doctor. • Proof of Residency • (Copies of these documents will be made at registration.) There are also other school paperwork requirements to fill out on registration day.

  6. WHAT SUPPLIES WILL MY CHILD NEED FOR KINDERGARTEN? • *1 backpack (no wheels) • 2 (8 count) pack of Crayola crayons • 2 packs of pencils • 1 pair of Fiskars scissors • 2 bottles of glue • 2 glue sticks • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer • 1 box of Kleenex • A change of clothes is helpful.

  7. WHAT DOES MY CHILD NEED TO KNOW FOR KINDERGARTEN? Kindergarten readiness checklist Follows a simple direction Stays with an activity to completion Participates in clean-up activities Takes responsibility for own belongings Is able to dress self Uses appropriate bathroom skills Follows simple safety rules Puts puzzles together Cuts with scissors Holds and uses pencils correctly Builds using blocks Talks in sentences  Follows one- and two-step oral directions Looks at books or pictures on their own Attempts to write own name Recognizes own name in print Identifies and draws basic shapes Correctly counts to ten Recognizes and names basic colors ( These skills are encouraged, but not required. Your child’s teacher will explain in more detail the Kindergarten Curriculum and Common Core Standards used in their classes.

  8. WHO IS MY CHILD’S TEACHER, AND WHAT IS MY CHILD’S DAILY SCHEDULE? Kindergarten teachers receive their student rosters during the summer. You will be contacted by mail in July by your child’s teacher. Each school has their own daily routine for lunch, gym, music, library, art, and recess. These schedules are typically given out on the first day of school.

  9. IS KINDERGARTEN ALL DAY? DO STUDENTS TAKE NAPS? Jefferson County schools follow a full day Kindergarten schedule (8:00-3:00pm), and our students do not take naps. The school year calendar will be available on the Jefferson County website by May. Kindergarten students have a staggered enrollment schedule in August. This is to help students grow accustomed to “big” school. Also, Your teacher will send a staggered enrollment schedule in your July correspondence.

  10. We know this can be a challenging time for families. The first time your child goes to school is very special, and we hope to make this transition smooth for all of you.