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  1. Highlights Sports Psychology Coach Doron

  2. Highlights • The goal of highlights is to summarize your day’s activities (or the past few days). • It can also be something that you are looking forward to. • It is similar to a journal except that it is • Sports or related to personal development and achievement. • Discusses sports psychology issues such as mental skills or decisions you have made.

  3. Procedures • Date on the right hand side (respect this format September 1, 20XX). • Title (Make it catchy) i.e. My Big Decision • Length (in number of sentences): Summer camp group T’s  4 ; group S’s 5 ; P’s 6 and A’s two paragraphs of at least five sentences.. As of Grade 7, 2 paragraph of at least 5 senteneces while grade 8 and up, two paragraphs of at least six sentences. • Why aim for the minimum? At the same time avoid having more then three sentences over guideline…

  4. English Notes • Avoid apostrophizes – it looks more professional i.e. didn’t = did not; couldn’t = could not etc. • Title centred and capitalized except small words such as of, the and etc. • Use a topic sentence for each paragraph which summarizes what your whole paragraph is about. More info.

  5. Tips and Tricks • Your highlight must be positive. • Can initially be negative but tell me how you turned the situation into a positive. • Talk about decisions you have taken. • Often topics will be given to you but sometimes may be given an “open highlight”. • In this case, write about what inspires you. • Use pictures and links to a website if possible.

  6. Examples of Content • My confidence level is at a low right now. However, I am going to continue practicing hard. I will use my mental imagery skills to think about positive outcomes. • I was using a very positive self-talk during practice. I was using words such as “let’s go”, “I can do it”. • I am optimistic about this weekend’s game. • I see myself doing very well. For example, (talk about how you see yourself playing…)

  7. Examples of Content con’t • I made a good decision the other day when asked whether or not I wanted to go party. Develop this idea… • Ask the right questions… Although we are losing many games, I wonder what I can do to turn things around. • How can I improve my confidence? • Where do you see yourself down the road… • Often will get topics to write for you… • Remember, your highlight should focus your attention on the positives 