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Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Metrics PowerPoint Presentation
Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Metrics

Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Metrics

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  1. Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Metrics For every marketing campaign, you need to keep track of both losses and profits in order to improve your marketing plan in the future. Knowing what works and what doesn’t gives you experience that you can only get by calculating the metrics involved in your campaign. It is hard to know which metric is useful to track and which one is just a waste of your time. But there are some that are important for all marketing campaigns. Following are some marketing campaign effectiveness metrics: Flow of Leads: Keeping track of the flow of leads is necessary. Every campaign has a goal for the number of leads they want to reach so that they can make preparations accordingly. This involves knowing the cost per lead because not all your leads will be your customers. Acquiring a loyal customer should be your goal. Click-Through Rates: This tells you why your leads are clicking on your emails, ads and sales pages. What is making them interested in your campaign? This will show you the effectiveness of the content you are putting out and if it needs to be changed or not. Cost Per Click: Knowing this will tell which one of your ads is most effective. Once you know this, you can decide which ads deserve future investments. Returning Visitors: This will tell you how many of those visiting your website are coming back looking for more. By calculating this rate, you’ll understand if your web content is engaging for the visitors or not. Cost Per Customer Acquisition: This particular metric holds a significant value. If the time and resources you are spending on acquiring a customer exceeds the potential profit, then you are not doing it right. Your cost per customer should not be very high.