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November 12, 2008 Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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November 12, 2008 Meeting

November 12, 2008 Meeting

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November 12, 2008 Meeting

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  1. November 12, 2008 Meeting

  2. Before we start, 3 Presenter Questions • What did you come for today, and what must you leave with, in order to feel like your time was well spent? • What needs to happen today, for you to rate this RMAUG meeting the best you’ve ever been to? • Especially in this economy… What is the most important thing you can do for your organization, and how can RMAUG facilitate that?

  3. Agenda • Compliance using my current Avaya infrastructure. • Public Safety using my current Avaya infrastructure. • Is there any outside funding available and how do I get it? LUNCH! • How can I assist my organization in DELIVERING THE SAME SERVICES TO MY CUSTOMERS, WITH REDUCED OPERATING BUDGETS? • How can I assist my organization in GENERATING REVENUE with my current Avaya infrastructure investment? • How can I assist my organization in IMPROVING CUSTOMER SERVICE with my current Avaya infrastructure investment?

  4. Compliancy Public Safety(handout discussion) (handout discussion)

  5. Is there any outside funding available and how do I get it? • Low-Risk Funding for 103, 103A, 501C & 501C3 - Interest-bearing escrow accounts - “0%” Installment programs - Non-appropriated funding - “Cash back” infusion programs - No bond issues, no debt, no voter approval, no cash up front- Homeland Security Funding, HRSA Funding, E-Rate, Form • •

  6. Self-Service Solutions you can use during those “Tight Budget” times, that will…1) Reduce Operating Expense2) Increase Revenues3) Improve Customer Service

  7. What is the simplest definition of Self-Service? • Any application that can give, get or collect information • May complement Web Self-Service • Sometimes in a Call Center environment • System: Avaya Voice Portal • Each port equates to one 24*7 virtual agent • Interfaces to telephone switch or network • Application follows a preplanned script and expected outcome • Understands caller input via touch tone or speech recognition • Interacts with callers using Speech Recognition or Text-to-Speech • Gets / puts data from and into an enterprise data base • May transfer some callers to agents • May transfer data about caller or collected on the call • Generates logs and reports for managing

  8. Who uses Self-Service to provide their customers 24 x 7 access to information they need? Just about any organization you can think of… • Reduce most costs associated with serving callers • Proactive applications can increase revenue • All applications can increase caller satisfaction • Many solutions are cross-industry • Others are industry specific • Some solutions can be ‘packaged’ • Others must be unique for your enterprise

  9. Example: Improve Customer Service Outage Reporting: Automate cable, utilities, or IT problems. Hint: IT use can simplify getting the box in the door for other uses. Use of other media • Out-faxing of forms improves speed, currency of forms used, decreases costs • Email and SMS messaging to reach lots of people quickly • Data collection for transcription concentrates interrupt-driven work • SIP trunking will allow pushing short “how to” videos to cell phones • CEBP will allow automated predetermined actions based upon observed events (such as drop in grades generating parent-teacher conference.)

  10. Example: Generate Revenue… • Out calling: Fine China • Can call husband to offer a completer piece for wife’s birthday/anniversary. • Annual Christmas ornament order can confirm grandchildren’s addresses using TTS, or send some to the party location • CRM/CTI Call Routing (can be transparent) Efficiency and accuracy of agent calls • Pay by Check or Credit card • 24X7 ability to get paid: in and/or outbound • Avoid risk of agent access to financial info

  11. Example: Reduce Expense & Generate Revenue… • RX refills: Cook County Stroger Hospital: Cheaper calls, PLUS timely meds keep patients out of hospitals at County expense • Appt Reminders: Carilion-Trihealth-Riverside-Affinity etc. • From Doctor Appointment at $90.00 up to MRI at $1000.00 • PET Scan: $400. 00 - $500.00 cost to hospital • Given costs and half life of radiological isotopes, appointments cannot be missed! • Call Ahead / Service Complete for HVAC service calls • Call ahead to confirm appointments (Saves $$$ in labor and gas) • Service personnel call dispatch office at end of service call • Collects homeowner caller ID and adds time stamp • Use TTS to read next appt location: accuracy and dispatch svgs • Avoid loss of services to Side Jobs. • Quality Survey: Call to access service levels • Services: Can also confirm and match dollars collected. • Call Center: Can match with agent, low score can transfer to manager • Medical: ID unhappy patients and avert malpractice suits

  12. We use Benchmarked Best-in-Class tools to identify Cost Justification • Monthly Justification • Monthly Revenues • Monthly Costs Savings • Monthly Total Investment Cost • $ Justification = ($ Revenue + $ Cost Savings) - $ Total Investment Cost

  13. “… Bob, this is all great information, but where can this positively impact my organization?Let’s figure it out… IT’S CONTEST TIME! • The challenge… • Each team will identify a business goal or problem and find the most affordable solution to deliver a service, while positively impacting customer satisfaction. • Two rules… RULE #1 • In your presentation, you must use TVEsm * discipline (next slide) • TVE provides a framework for articulating solution benefits that provide… Cost reduction, Positive Business impact, and Positive Strategic impact RULE #2 • Be as creative as possible and have FUN! * Intellectual property of Everest Partners LLP

  14. The Total Value Equation (TVE) Measure Considerations • Financials • Client current & forecasted expenses • SG&A elements • Impact of quality on cost • Actual cost reduction • People • Hardware • Software • Administration/operations • Influence on operational processes, end users, and unique revenue objectives • Time/money/risk equations • Efficiency – productivity equations • Indirect savings / effect • Productivity and efficiency • End-user satisfaction • Short and near term objectives • Influence on revenue, growth, and ROI • Working capital and cash flow • Investment strategy and payback • Competitive positioning • Enterprise-wide effect • Total revenue / expense • Competitive positioning and growth • Long range objectives (+24 months)

  15. When you need application integration, remember 2 companies…Messaging, Microsoft, V.P. Applications & Host Db Integration Host Db Integration

  16. Accuvoice is… • A Platinum Avaya DevConnect • Avaya SPOC available for Top 9 of 3000 members • A Certified Women’s Business Entity • Awarded Top 4 Global Partner Projects for 2008 Avaya Global Kickoff • Winner 2008 SpeechTEK NLSR Awards • Unique Ongoing optimization support programs • Avaya preferred partner for Healthcare,Government and Education. • Thousands of Self Service apps, for over 17 years • Nationwide presence