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  1. Guatemala

  2. Information On Guatemala The Capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City. Guatemala is located Southeast of Mexico, and Northwest of El Salvador. The population of Guatemala is app. 13,276,517 people. The type of currency that they use is called a Quetzal. Their President is named Álvaro Colom Caballeros.

  3. The Guatemalan Flag The flag consists of 3 evenly sized color bands. The two outer bands are a sky blue color, and the center is white. Within the white center, you see the Guatemalan Coat of Arms. Which consists of two rifles, and two golden swords, tied to laurel branches. There are golden letters that read “Libertad 15 de Septiembre de 1821.” Thisalso stands fortheliberty of thenation, and whenitwasestablished as anindependantnation.

  4. On September 15th, 1821, Guatemala joined together with Chiapas, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Honduras, to declare their independence from Spain, and their incorporation into the Mexican Empire. This is why their date of independence is on the country flag. An Independent Nation

  5. “The Ten Years of Spring” Guatemalans celebrate “The Ten Years of Spring” on October 20th. This is a celebration, signifying the overthrow of the dictatorship of Jorge Ubico. This was done by the “October Revolutionaries.” The October Revolutionaries were a group of students, dissident military, and liberal professionals, who had been powered by the constant revolutions. These revolutionaries took over the General, by forcing him to step down. Then, a citizen named Juan José Arévalo, (Shown to the right) was elected President in 1945, and he held office until 1951.

  6. The Mayan Biosphere The Mayan Biosphere is the largest area in the Mayan Forest that is protected. It contains 10% of Guatemala’s total land area. The Reserve is protecting all of the animals, and life within, along with some Ruins. The Reserve tries to protect all of the species within. There are species of mokeys, lizards, and insects.

  7. Tajumulco Volcano The Tajumulco Volcano is the highest volcano in central America, and the highest mountain in Guatemala. This volcano provides for an excellent tourist attraction. There are many animal species, along with many plant species, that thrive within the canopy, along the mouth of the volcano. The volcano is said to have erupted in the 1750’s-1820’s area. There are no confirmed reports of this volcano erupting, only stories.

  8. TecunUman TecunUman was the last ruler of the K’iche’ Maya people in what is now Guatemala. He was slain on February 20th, 1524, by a Spanish Conquistador, named Don Pedro de Alvarado. In 1960, TecunUman was declared a national hero. They celebrate on February 20th, the day of his death, in remembrance of him. Tecun inspired some pottery, artists, sculptures, and even people to write legends and tell tales of the battle in which he fought.

  9. RigobertaMenchú In 1992, RigobertaMenchu won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work. She worked with Guatemala’s Indian People, providing them with the human rights they needed. The government was turning on the Indians, and accusing them of anti-government doings. The government had slain more than 200,000 men and women. Left millions of children orphaned. And 30,000+ people were taken by military death squads, and never seen again. Menchu had witnessed her mother and father be tortured and killed.She then became an activist in helping her people defend themselves. In 1981, Menchu had to flee the country, due to the “hits” that were called on political leaders. Menchu stated “the struggle for human rights is permanent and ongoing.”

  10. Sinkhole in Guatemala, not really a sinkhole? A geol0gist in Guatemala believes that the recent sinkhole in Guatemala was caused by a leaky, or broken pipeline. He says that Guatemala is resting upon old volcanic rock, that is easily swept away by water. The sinkhole ate around 12 houses, and left 3 people dead. He also said that it could have been caused by hurricane Agatha.

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