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Desk Reference Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Desk Reference Guide

Desk Reference Guide

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Desk Reference Guide

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  1. Desk Reference Guide • WHY iPLAYiWIN BINGO? IT’S AMAZING! • Army Bingo is one of the most profitable operations within MWR! • $9.3 million/20% in NIBD for FY 2010 • $5 million came from 24 Number, which is played in our Bowling Centers ($2 million/22% was converted to profit) • iPlayiWin Bingo is fast, fun and entertaining • Increases food and beverage sales in bowling centers • Increases cross-over markets (session bingo players going to the bowling center to play • “electronic bingo hand held devices” and vice versa) • Increasing the amount of bingo customers on the installation and region-wide will increase profits • Profitable bowling centers employees have jobs! • Profitable bowling centers help support other MWR facilities that don’t take in money like gyms • and libraries • … Pretty amazing, huh?

  2. iPLAYiWIN BINGO FREQUENT PLAYER CARD • Who: All iPlayiWin Bingo customers • What: Play iPlayiWin Bingo 10 times and win a 22-ounce sports bottle or • other prizes as determined by bowling center manager • Why: To promote customer loyalty • When: All day, every day • How: • Load employee badge holder with Frequent Player Cards, now you are “locked and loaded!” • Make sure you initial the front or back of the cards – it will pay off later (see last bullet). • The first time a player uses an iPlayiWin Bingo handheld electronic machine, they receive a • Frequent Player Card. • Make onepunch on the BINGO letters with the punch gadget. • Continue to punch sequentially with each purchase ofiPlayiWin Bingo. • When the card has 10 punches, the customer qualifies to win an iPlayiWin Bingo sports bottle, or • an alternative prize determined by your bowling center manger. The sports bottle may then be • filled with a complimentary fountain soda or iced tea. • The customer may return at any time with their sports bottle and receive a refill of fountain soda • or iced tea for 25-cents with theiriPlayiWin Bingo receipt of play for that day. The customer must • show their receipt to the snack bar attendant to receive their drink for the special low price of • 25-cents. • When the Frequent Player Card is turned in, the employee whose initialsare on the front wins • a special “iPlayiWin Bingo" merchandise item or MWR program incentive. • iPLAYiWIN BINGO WINNERS BOARD • Here’s a fun way to promote this game by displaying photos of winners • for everyone in your center to see. Here’s how it works: • Who gets their picture up on the board? • Anyone who wins more than $50 in one sitting.

  3. iPLAYiWIN BINGO EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES • Who: All employees can participate • What: Rewards for employees who engage customers to play iPlayiWin Bingo • Why: To increase iPlayiWin Bingo awareness and sales for the Bowling Center • When:Every day, every shift…Whenever the center is open! • How: Approach a customer and ask something like, “Have you heard about our new iPlayiWin Bingo? It’s a fun device that lets you play a personal game with chances to win prizes.” • Lead interested customers to the counter to buy games and check out a bingo device. • Employee Reward System • For every 50 iPlayiWin Bingo units “sold” by an employee, he /she will earn a lapel pin letter. • When all letters in a set are collected, the set will spell out B I N G O. • The lapel pins should be worn on the iPlayiWin Bingo lanyard by the employee. • Each of the letter earned gets a prize for the employee: • “B” = Lapel Pin • “I” = Lapel Pin and Sun Visor for the car • “N”= Lapel Pin • “G”= Lapel Pin • “O” = 8 hours of time off with pay (at discretion of bowling center manager)