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Desk Reference Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Desk Reference Guide

Desk Reference Guide

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Desk Reference Guide

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  1. WHY iPLAYiWIN BINGO? • IT’S AMAZING! • Army Bingo is one of the most • profitable operations within MWR! • $9.3 million / 20% in NIBD for FY 2010 •  $5 million was generated in bowling centers ($2 million/22% converted to profit) • iPlayiWin Bingo is fast, fun and entertaining • Increases food and beverage sales in bowling centers • Increases cross-over markets (session bingo players going to the bowling center to play “electronic bingo hand held devices” and vice versa) • Increasing the amount of bingo customers on the installation and region-wide will increase profits • Profitable bowling centers employees have jobs! • Profitable bowling centers help support other MWR facilities that don’t take in money like gyms and libraries • … Pretty amazing, huh? Desk Reference Guide

  2. iPLAYiWIN BINGO WINNERS BOARD • Here’s a fun way to promote this game by displaying photos of winners for everyone in your center to see. Here’s how it works: • Who gets their picture up on the board? • Anyone who wins over $50 in one win • Monthly or quarterly drawing winners • How does the camera work? • It’s easy! • Turn the camera on (red power button). • Put setting on 0.9 – 3m using the button positioned below the red power button. There is an arrow pointing at which setting it’s on in the window that displays how many pictures remain in • the camera. • The L/N/D button stands for light, normal and dark. It’s best to keep it on normal, but you can adjust to suit the lighting. • The bottom button is the flash. Feel free to use it in every picture to assure even lighting. • Point and snap. The photo will appear out of the top slot and become fully developed in just a few minutes. • Paste the photo onto the paper frame graphic, add the player’s name and post on the board for everyone to admire! • iPLAYiWIN BINGO FREQUENT PLAYER CARD • Who: All iPlayiWin Bingo customers • What: Play iPlayiWin Bingo ten times and win a 22-ounce sports bottle • Why: To promote customer loyalty • When: All day, every day • How: • Load employee badge holder with Frequent Player Cards, now you are “locked and loaded!” Make sure you initial the front or back of the cards. it will pay off later (see last bullet). • The first time a player uses an iPlayiWin Bingo handheld electronic machine, they receive a Frequent Player Card. • Make oneI orB punch on the firstiPlayiWin Bingo logo with the punch gadget. • Continue to punch one logo sequentially with each purchase of iPlayiWin Bingo. • When the card has ten punches, the customer qualifies to win an iPlayiWin Bingo sports bottle. The sports bottle may then be filled with a complimentary fountain soda or iced tea. • The customer may return at any time with their sports bottle and receive a refill of fountain soda or iced tea for only 25-cents with theiriPlayiWin Bingo receipt of play for that day. The customer must show their receipt to the snack bar attendant to receive their drink for the special price of 25-cents. • When the Frequent Player Card is turned in, the employee whose initialsare on the front wins a special “iPlayiWin Bingo" merchandise item or MWR Program incentive..

  3. iPLAYiWIN BINGO EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES • Who: All employees can participate • What: Rewards for employees who engage customers to play iPlayiWin Bingo • Why: To increase iPlayiWin Bingo awareness and sales for the Bowling Center • When:Every day, every shift…Whenever the center is open! • How: Approach a customer and ask something like, “Have you heard about our new iPlayiWin Bingo? It’s a fun device that lets you play a personal game with chances to win prizes.” • Lead interested customers to the counter to buy games and check out a bingo device. • Employee Reward System • For every 50 iPlayiWin Bingo units “sold” by an employee, he /she will earn a lapel pin letter. When all of the letters in a set are collected, the set will spell out the word, B I N G O. • The lapel pins should be worn on the iPlayiWin Bingo lanyard by the employee. • Each of the letter earned gets a prize for the employee: • “B” = Lapel Pin • “I” = Lapel Pin and car Sun Visor • “N”= Lapel Pin • “G”= Lapel Pin • “O” = 8 hours of time off with pay (at discretion of bowling center manager) PAGE FOR EXTRA INFORMATION