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  1. Helpful Tips for a Successful Spring • Remove plants from carts so they can get enough air, water, and sunlight. • Water early in the day. If the pot feels heavier than it looks, it probably doesn’t need water. If it feels lighter than it should, or soil is pulling away from the pot, this plant needs water! Water the soil, not the blossoms or foliage. • The Sun or Shade icons on the tags will tell you where to display the plants in your garden center. Plants that prefer shadier areas will need protection from the heat of the midday sun. • Set up colorful displays at the entrance where customers can see them before they walk in. • For great visual impact, display product by variety, then stripe by color. Ensure that prices are clearly indicated on all plants. • Point-of-Purchase (POP) items such as posters, bench cards, and bench tape will act as silent salesmen in your garden center. Reference Guide Helping Make Your Business Grow Part Shade to Full Shade Part Sun to Part Shade Full Sun

  2. Contents 4 POP Items 5 General Info & FAQs 10 Bedding Plants 11 Fancy Annuals 21 4” Accents 24 4" Groundcover 21, 25 5" Climbers 26 5” Ornamental Grasses 27 Wave Petunias 28 Vegetables 29 Hybrid Geraniums 30 Zonal Geraniums 31 1 Gallon Hostas 32 10” Annual Baskets 33 10” Foliage Baskets 34 10” Fancy Baskets 38 Combo Baskets & Planters 39 Merchandising Tips Point-of-Purchase Items • POP signs help make your job easier! • Posters, bench cards, and bench tape act as “silent salespeople” in your garden center. • Colorful graphics grab the attention of customers and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. • Most buying decisions are made in the garden center, so effective POP displays can have a dramatic impact on sales. 4

  3. General Info General Info • Annuals & Perennials • Annuals • Offer color and foliage for one whole season • Perennials • Life cycle lasts more than two years • Herbs • Prefer full sun but will tolerate a full half day of sun • Can be grown in containers; can be placed in sunny kitchen windows indoors • Common herbs: Basil, chamomile, chives, cilantro, lavender, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, tarragon • Hanging Baskets • Will not tolerate temperatures under 50 degrees • East or north for full morning sun, or indoors • Green foliage • Sun Exposure • Full Shade • North sides of structures • Under trees with low branches and dense leaves • Locations where no direct sunlight reaches the ground • Part Shade • East or west sides of structures • Locations that receive direct morning or afternoon sun • Locations without midday sun • (approximately 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) • Full Sun • Locations that receive direct sunlight for six hours or more each day • Locations that receive some or all of the midday sun 5 6

  4. General Info General Info • Watering • In the Upper Midwest, many • bedding plants need to be • watered daily, especially • during July and August. • Overwatering is • characterized by yellowing bottom leaves. • Underwatering is characterized by a brown, dry, or wilting plant. • Mulches • Used primarily to hold in moisture and act as a • weed barrier • Aesthetically appealing • Frequently Asked Questions • 1. How often do I water this hanging basket or • patio container? • Most hanging baskets and patio pots need to be watered daily, with a few exceptions. • 2. I have a garden facing east that gets a half day of full sun. What can I plant there? • Any plant! Full morning sun is ideal for any flowering or non-flowering plant. • 3. I have a garden facing north that gets filtered morning sun. What can I plant there? • Annuals: • Cabbage, kale, • or any shade plant • Perennials: • Hosta, astilbe, • or bleeding heart • 4. I want a hardy groundcover for an area that gets a full day of sun. What can I plant? • Ajuga, English ivy, vinca vine, sedum • 5. What can I plant on the West side of my house in the fall? • Annuals: Pansies, kale, cabbage, dianthus, snap dragons, primrose, dusty miller • Perennials: Mums, coreopsis, shasta daisy, columbine 7 8

  5. General Info Bedding Plants • Excellent plant quality matched with upscale labels • Tags offer bright and bold colors, sun or shade designation, large graphics, and plant care information on back. • Frequently Asked Questions • 6. How long will perennial Mums bloom? • They have a blooming cycle of 4-6 weeks. They bloom in the fall and in the spring. • 7. What is the difference between a Kale and Cabbage? • Kale has “crinkly” leaves and cabbage has “open” leaves. They both come in green, purple and white. They are a flowering variety, but are purchased for their beautiful foliage. They make great borders. • 8. How far apart do I plant these annuals or perennials? • Plant 2-6” apart for a full look. • 9. Can I plant mums or pansies in a pot? • Yes, but if you want them to come back next year they need to be planted in the ground before the first hard freeze. The roots are not as insulated in a container above ground. • 10. How long will my pumpkin last after I carve it? • It will last 1-2 weeks, depending • on the weather. If it is cool, • it will last longer. General Care • Check tags for Sun/Part Sun/Shade designations. Display Shade/Part Sun annuals in an area of your garden center that gets some sun protection. • Bedding flats can dry out quickly; keep well watered. • Remove spent blossoms (deadhead) • to promote healthy growth and • keep flats looking attractive. • If nighttime temperatures • are expected to be below • 38 degrees, protect • bedding plants with • frost cloth. Ageratum Alyssum Amaranthus Aster Begonia Browallia Celosia Cleome Coleus Cosmos Dahlia Dianthus Dusty Miller Gazania Gomphrena Hypoestes Impatiens Lobelia Marigold Melampodium Nicotiana Pansy Petunia Portulaca Salvia Snapdragon Torenia Verbena Vinca Viola Zinnia Varieties 9 10

  6. Fancy Annuals Fancy Annuals African Mallow Valued for their fast-growing and almost continuous display of small, hibiscus-like blossoms. Uses: Containers, beds • Wide range of upscale and unusual plant material Ageratum (Floss Flower) Radiant clusters of fuzzy flowers in purple, blue, pink, or white. Moderate drought tolerance. Low maintenance. Uses: Containers, beds • Great items for the gardener who is looking for something different Angelonia Orchid-like blossoms on lush upright plants that bloom all summer. Good heat and drought tolerance. Uses: Containers, borders Pure citronella plant discourages mosquitoes naturally Argyranthemum (Marguerite Daisy) Daisy-like flowers, attractive to bees and butterflies. Remove spent blossoms to encourage further growth. Uses: Containers, landscapes Varieties Abutilon African Mallow Ageratum Angelonia Argyranthemum Bacopa Bat Plant Begonia Bidens Brachyscome Caladium Calibrachoa Celosia Chrysanthemum Citronella Cleome Coleus Colocasia Copper Plant Crossandra Cuphea Dahlietta Diascia Euphorbia Evolvulus Fern Fuchsia Fusions Gerbera Guara Heliotrope Hibiscus Impatiens Ivy Geranium Lantana Lobelia Lobularia Nemesia Ornamental Peppers Osteospermum Oxalis Pentas Perilla Petunia Plectranthus Potato Vine Purple Heart Purslane Salvia Scaevola Strawflower Strobilanthus Torenia Verbena Vinca Zinnia Bacopa (Sutera) Delicate white flowers cover trailing green foliage. Blooms all summer. Do not let completely dry out between waterings. Uses: Baskets, containers Bat Plant (Cuphea) Unique dark purple faces with orange “ears” make this the Bat Plant! Attractive to hummingbirds, as well. Uses: Baskets, containers 11 12

  7. Fancy Annuals Fancy Annuals Begonia Dragon Wing Heat-tolerant plant features wing-like glossy foliage and whimsical red or pink blossoms. Do not overwater. Uses: Baskets, containers Colocasia (Elephant Ears) Tropical plant features large, elephant ear-shaped leaves. Does best in moist soil. Uses: Containers, beds Bidens Bright yellow flowers on trailing foliage. Attractive to bees and butterflies, self sowing. Heat and cold tolerant. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Copper Plant (Acalypha) Tropical plant grown for its attractive copper and red foliage. Upright habit. Uses: Containers Brachyscome (Swan River Daisy) Blue daisy-like blossoms on compact bushy plants. Do not over water, some tolerance to drought and cold nights. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Crossandra (Firecracker Plant) Tropical shrub with vibrant orange flower spikes and glossy green foliage. Uses: Containers, beds Dahliettas Early-blooming dwarf variety. Many colors available. Upright growth habit. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Potted plant, container, beds Caladium Grown for its colorful foliage, this shade lover brings an exotic look to any shade garden. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Containers, beds, shade gardens Diascia (Twinspur) Tiny orchid-like blossoms cover this prolific bloomer. Some drought tolerance. Low maintenance. Uses: Mixed baskets, containers Calibrachoa (Million Bells) Available in a large variety of colors, this heavy bloomer becomes covered in tiny petunia- like blossoms. Fertilize regularly. Uses: Hanging Baskets, containers Double Begonias Prolific bloomer features rosebud-like and ruffled blossoms. Young plants should be kept out of direct sunlight. Uses: Containers, landscape Chrysanthemum Upright branches densely covered with large blossoms. Remove spent blossoms to encourage further growth. Uses: Beds, borders, cut flowers 13 14

  8. Fancy Annuals Fancy Annuals Fusions Unusual show-stopping yellow blossoms on well-branched plants that bloom all season. Some heat tolerance, but keep well watered. Uses: Planters, beds, baskets Double Impatiens Rose-like blossoms in a variety of bright colors that sit atop serrated foliage. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Containers, baskets, beds Gaura (Bee Blossom) Graceful airy blossoms ornament this bushy plant. Attractive to butterflies and bees. Uses: Beds, borders, cut flowers Euphorbia Diamond Frost Produces airy white flowers all season long. Exceptional drought and heat tolerance. Uses: Containers, beds, pots Gerbera Daisy Large, vibrant flowers sit atop bright, low-growing green foliage. Blooms all summer with good heat tolerance. Uses: Containers, beds, cut flowers Evolvulus Small blue flowers atop flowing foliage. Low maintenance, great groundcover. Loves hot weather. Uses: Baskets, containers, rock gardens Hibiscus Mahogany Splendor Beautiful maple-leaved foliage in deep burgundy. Shiny tall plants add color and texture to the garden. Does well in very wet conditions. Uses: Containers, borders Fern – Maiden Hair Delicate fan-shaped lacy fronds on wiry black stems. Keep moist. Uses: Containers, landscape Ivy Geraniums Trailing plant with delicate, airy blossoms and shapely foliage. Remove spent blossoms to encourage growth. Uses: Mixed planters, baskets Fern – Silver Lace Popular fern with silvery cream and green variegated cut foliage. Keep moist. Uses: Containers, landscape Lantana Bright clusters of flowers on well-branched stems. Colors include pinks, reds, peaches, and yellows. Low maintenance. Uses: Baskets, pots, rock gardens Fuchsia Exquisite blossoms dangle like ornaments from stems. Colors include combinations of white, reds, pinks, and purples. Uses: Mixed planters, baskets 16 15

  9. Fancy Annuals Fancy Annuals Lobelia Vigorous, free-flowering plant with dainty blue flowers that bloom all summer. Uses: Containers, baskets, rock gardens Pentas (Starflower) Clusters of star-like flowers are attractive to hummingbirds. Blooms all summer, some drought tolerance. Uses: Containers, beds, borders Perilla Grown for its colorful foliage, can get up to 36’ tall. Heat tolerant. Uses: Landscape, large containers Nemesia Fragrant blossoms appear light and airy. Blooms all summer. Uses: Mixed baskets, containers Potato Vine (Ipomoea) Unique foliage adds variety and texture to any garden. Vigorous, low-maintenance grower. Can be cut back to contain growth. Uses: Baskets, containers, groundcover New Guinea Impatiens Large blossoms on shiny serrated foliage. Vigorous grower that does best in moist, fertile soil. Uses: Beds, containers, borders Purple Heart Grown for its attractively smooth, burgundy upright foliage. May produce small pink flowers. Uses: Baskets, containers, groundcover Non-Stop Begonias (Tuberous Begonias) Upright plants feature large, rose-like blossoms in bright, vibrant colors. Foliage on young plants can burn in full sun. Uses: Containers, baskets, beds Rex Begonias Grown for its foliage, this weather tolerant begonia offers show-stopping patterns and colors. Uses: Containers, beds Osteospermum (African Daisy) Daisy-like blooms in shades of pink, white, purple, yellow, orange, and cream. Good heat and drought tolerance. Uses: Containers, beds Oxalis (Shamrock) Vigorous grower has small, bright white or yellow blossoms. Foliage is green or deep purple. Uses: Containers, beds, groundcover Rieger Begonias An abundance of bright, free-flowing blossoms. Great garden performance. Uses: Baskets, beds, containers 17 18

  10. Fancy Annuals Fancy Annuals Sun Coleus Grown for its colorful foliage, spike-like flowers can be cut off to promote additional foliage growth. Uses: Containers, beds, borders Salvia Black & Blue Flowers are blue in color and calyx is nearly black. Great background plant to add height to beds and planters. Uses: Containers, beds, borders Supertunias Fast-growing petunias in a variety of colors. Classic spring garden flower! Uses: Containers, baskets, beds Salvia Mystic Blue Spires Compact and upright plant features long, straight, blue flowers and well-branched foliage. Uses: Containers, beds, borders Torenia (Wishbone Flowers) Tightly-mounded plant features snapdragon-like blossoms. Thrives in hot, humid weather. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Scaevola (Fan Flowers) Large violet-blue blossoms on this fast-growing, free-flowing plant. Blooms all summer. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Verbena Mounded plants with large, early-blooming blossoms. Uses: Containers, beds, baskets Snapdragon Stunning flower spikes in a variety of pleasing colors. Cool hardy. Uses: Baskets, containers, cut flowers Vinca Nirvana Large blossoms with a mounding habit. Thrives in hot weather and gives a tropical look to any garden. Uses: Planters, beds, borders Strawflower (Bracteantha) Delicate flowers complement tiny foliage. Blooms from summer to early fall. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Zinnia Pom-pom-like flowers bloom all summer long in a variety of bright colors. Best in hot weather with regular watering. Uses: Containers, beds, borders Strobilanthus (Persian Shield) Vigorous grower features striking iridescent silvery purple leaves. Low maintenance with upright habit. Uses: Containers, baskets 19 20

  11. 4” Accents 4” Accents Alternanthera (Blood Leaf) Heat-loving plant that trails with a 2- to 3-foot spread. Uses: Mixed containers, beds Dichondra Features small, rounded, silvery foliage on silver-stemmed plants. Trailing habit. Uses: Baskets, containers • Common and unusual accent plants • 18 pots per flat Licorice Lysimachia Pilea Pink Pin Heads Plectranthus Plumosa Alternathera Dichondra English Ivy Fiber Optic German Ivy Irisene Potato Vine Spikes Sprengeri Vinca Vine Wire Vine Varieties English Ivy Glossy green or variegated foliage with a trailing habit. Classic accent for combinations. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Containers, groundcover 5" Climbers Fiber Optic Grass Mounding grass-like plant with tiny flowers on the tip of each stem. Uses: Containers German Ivy Pointed, waxy, bright green foliage with a trailing habit. Classic accent for combinations. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Containers, groundcover • Climbers and vines with trellises • Great gift items Irisene Upright or trailing habit, plant features red or bronze foliage on red stems. Adds an exotic look to any garden. Uses: Containers, beds Varieties Morning Glory Thunbergia Sweet Pea Candy Corn Cardinal Vine Hyacinth Bean 22 21

  12. 4” Accents 4” Accents Sprengeri (Asparagus Fern) Upright to arching branches covered in soft, needle-like foliage. Uses: Mixed containers, beds Licorice (Helichrysum) Thick, branching, velvet-like foliage offered in four varieties. Drought tolerant and prefers to dry out a little between waterings. Uses: Containers, baskets Vinca Vine Features flat green leaves with white edging and a trailing habit. Grows easily in combination with many other plants. Uses: Containers, baskets Pilea (Artillery Plant) Light green stems with tiny leaves and a fern-like look. Upright habit. Allow to dry slightly between waterings. Uses: Containers Wire Vine Dense, wire-like stems feature small, shiny green leaves. Drought tolerant and may produce small, cream colored flowers. Uses: Mixed containers Plectranthus Variegated foliage of green clusters with white edging. Keep evenly moist for best results. Uses: Containers, groundcover 4” Groundcover Plumosa (Asparagus Fern) Feathery fern-like foliage with upright habit. Suitable for growing indoors. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Containers, houseplants Walk on the Wild Side Our new line of “step-able” perennials Spikes (Draecena) Long, slender, upright leaves feature green or bronze foliage. Add height to mixed beds or mixed containers. Uses: Mixed containers 24 23

  13. 5” Ornamental Grasses 5" Climbers • Add unique textures, shapes, and sounds to any garden • Eye-catching, high-resolution graphics on tags offer helpful information to customer Candy Corn (Cuphea) Tubular scarlet orange- and yellow-tipped flowers are reminiscent of the popular Halloween candy. Attractive to butterflies. Uses: Containers Cardinal Vine Easy-growing vine produces colorful blooms on handsome feathery foliage from summer till frost. Can easily climb to 15 feet or more. Uses: Containers Hyacinth Bean Tall climbing vine with purple flowers in late summer, followed by deep purple seedpods. Fast growing and beautiful.  Uses: Trellis Morning Glory (Ipomoea) Prolific climber features stunning, trumpet-shaped blue to purple blossoms surrounded by heart-shaped leaves. Uses: Trellis Thunbergia (Black Eyed Susan Vine) Twining vines are drought tolerant and covered in small yellow blossoms with dark eyes. Blooms all summer. Uses: Trellis, baskets 26 25

  14. Wave Petunias Vegetables • Available in 306 pack with handle, 3”, 4”, 6”, and 12” hanging basket • Self-cleaning; never need to be deadheaded • Aggressive; fills out beds, containers, and baskets • Many colors and mixes available • Consumer support and merchandising ideas available at • Program focuses on a large range of varieties. • The more varieties you offer, the more you will sell! • Collections include • Gourmet & Kids (green pots) • Asian, Salsarific, & Special (red pots) • Premium (terra cotta pots) • Heirloom (dark green pots) • Bright tags offer large photos and easy-to-read graphics • 4” pot size, 18 per flat • Supported by, with recipes and additional plant information • See order forms for complete vegetable listing 27 28

  15. Zonal Geraniums Hybrid Geraniums • Available in 4” and 8 pack with handle • Many vibrant colors available • Great garden performer in beds • and containers • Do very well in mixed planters with accents, grasses, or other annuals with similar light and water needs • For best results, plant in a sunny location • Spent blossoms should be removed to encourage new growth • Available in 5”, 6”, and 10”. • Beautiful, vivid colors! • Great garden performer in beds, baskets, and containers. • Geraniums do very well in mixed planters with accents, grasses, or other annuals with similar light/water needs. • For best results, plant in a sunny location. • Spent blossoms should be removed to encourage new growth. • If given enough room, Zonal Geraniums can grow up to two feet tall and two feet wide. 30 29

  16. 10” Annual Baskets 1 Gallon Hostas • Great in the shade • Unique varieties • Overwintered • plants offer • good size • at retail • Great selection of value price point, quality annuals. • Display like colors together for a bold impact. • Remove spent blossoms to encourage further growth. Varieties Varieties Torenia Vinca Mediterranean Wax Begonias Dianthus Impatiens Petunia Snapdragon Francee Golden Tiara Gold Standard Hyacinthinia Fortunei Halcyon Krossa Regal Albomarginata Diamond Tiara Eternal Flame First Frost Fragrant Dream Regal Splendor Royal Standard Shade Fanfare Sum & Substance Wide Brim 32 31

  17. 10” Fancy Baskets 10” Foliage Baskets • Lush green foliage • Low maintenance • Fancy premium annuals • Many trailing varieties available • Remove spent blossoms to encourage further growth Strawflower Streptocarpella Supertunias Thunbergia Torenia Trailing Verbena Wave Petunia Zonal Geranium Bacopa Begonia Boston Fern Double Impatiens Fuchsia Ivy Geraniums Lantana Lobelia Mexican Heather Million Bells New Guinea Impatiens Potato Vine Rieger Begonias Scaevola Strawberry Varieties Varieties Bolivian Jew Bridal Veil Spider Plant Swedish Ivy Wandering Jew 33 34

  18. 10” Fancy Baskets 10” Fancy Baskets Bacopa (Sutera) Delicate white flowers cover trailing green foliage. Blooms all summer. Do not let completely dry out between waterings. Uses: Baskets, containers Mexican Heather (Cuphea) Tiny leaves complement delicate flowers, which bloom from summer to early fall. Uses: Containers, baskets, houseplants Boston Fern Long green weeping fronds arise from the crown at the soil surface. Fronds are variously cut. Uses: Baskets, houseplants Million Bells (Calibrachoa) A multitude of small petunia-shaped blossoms cover this heavy bloomer. Trailing or mounding habit. Low maintenance. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Double Impatiens Rose-like blossoms sit atop lush green foliage. Available in a variety of colors. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds New Guinea Impatiens Vigorous growth, sun tolerant, comes in a variety of blossom and foliage shades. Keep well watered. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Fuchsia Exquisite flowers dangle like ornaments from stems. Colors include white, reds, pinks, and purples. Uses: Containers, baskets Potato Vine (Ipomoea) Unique foliage on this aggressive plant comes in dark purple, lime, bronze, or variegated. Uses: Containers, groundcover, baskets Ivy Geranium Excellent trailing plants bloom all summer. Large airy blossoms with shapely foliage. Remove spent blooms to promote new growth. Uses: Containers, baskets Rieger Begonias An abundance of brightly-colored, rose-like blossoms cover this great garden performer. Uses: Containers, beds, baskets Lobelia Vigorous, free-flowering plant with dainty blue flowers that bloom all summer. Uses: Containers, baskets, rock gardens Scaevola (Fan Flower) Large violet-blue flowers. Fast growing and free flowing. Drought and heat tolerant. Uses: Containers, beds, baskets 36 35

  19. 10” Fancy Baskets 10” Fancy Baskets Combo Baskets & Planters Strawflower (Bracteantha) Delicate flowers complement tiny foliage. Blooms from summer to early fall. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Tuberous Begonias (Non-Stop Begonias) Bright and vibrant rose-like blossoms on glossy foliage. Keep evenly moist. Uses: Baskets, containers Streptocarpella (Blue Angel Plant) Dancing light blue flowers sit atop dark green velvet-like foliage. Uses: Baskets, containers, borders • Color-coordinated combinations • Offer instant gratification • Great gift item! Wave Petunias Superior variety of petunias is self cleaning and a vigorous grower. Many bright colors available. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Supertunias Fast growing petunias feature large blossoms and are available in a variety of colors. Uses: Baskets, beds, groundcover Zonal Geraniums Large, brightly colored blossoms. Colors include red, pinks, peaches, white, and purples. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Thunbergia (Black Eyed Susan Vine) Graceful, old-fashioned plant features small yellow blossoms with a black eye. Uses: Baskets, containers Torenia (Wishbone Flower) Tightly mounded plant features snapdragon-like blossoms. Thrives in hot, humid weather. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds Trailing Verbena Mounded trailing plants with early-blooming flowers. Uses: Baskets, containers, beds 37 38

  20. Merchandising Tips • Carts: Remove product from carts ASAP. • Water: Check plants daily for watering needs. Water early in the morning so plants can absorb water before the sun evaporates it away. • Displays: Set up colorful displays at the entrance. Stripe displays by variety, then by color. Make sure that all plants have price signs. Use Point-of-Purchase (POP) advertising materials. • Shade: Set up a shaded or protected area for plants that can’t handle full sun. • Weather: If a sunny weekend is predicted, make sure you have ordered enough product. If cold nights are predicted, cover cold sensitive plants with frost cloth, or move them to a protected area. Bert R. Hybels, Inc. Helping Make Your Business Grow 3322 Grand Prairie Road Kalamazoo, MI 49006 Toll Free: 800-449-2357 Fax: 269-382-4927 39