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Devon Freewheelers

Devon Freewheelers

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Devon Freewheelers

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  1. Devon Freewheelers Riding for Life

  2. Devon FreewheelersIn a nutshell • We are a local charity that transports vital medical supplies for the NHS. • We move supplies between hospitals, doctors' surgeries and patients homes. • We work out of normal working hours (in other words, in the evenings, through the night and throughout weekends and Bank Holidays) • We do it all for free! There is no charge to the hospitals, the doctors or the patients we serve.

  3. There have been 4 previous attempts to set up a service in Devon over a period of 20 years all failed.Reasons: money mileage manpowerNo one ever meets usNo one ever knows

  4. About Devon Freewheelers • Registered Charity established in 2010 • Primarily serves area of Devon, however we do go further afield – relays sometimes needed, coordinated with other areas. • Only ‘Blood Bike’ Charity licensed to carry human transplant tissue via our Transplant Team. • Survive purely on public donation, no funding. • Founded by Daniel Lavery in 2009……………

  5. One faceless, nameless rider. One motorcycle. One job…. …….TWO LIVES SAVED – Shelley and baby

  6. The Lord Mayor of Exeter Commendation 2013for Outstanding and Valuable Service to the Community Daniel Lavery CEO and Founder of DEVON FREEWHEELERS

  7. Freewheelers Delivers • Blood • Pathology samples • Human Tissues • DBM to NNU • Drugs • Urgent Equipment • Surgical tools

  8. Jobs, jobs and more jobs

  9. Diverse deliveries

  10. July 2013 – Call classifications

  11. October 2013 - mileage

  12. 2013 - annual Estimates* • Non urgent jobs 1242 • Urgent jobs 648 • Emergency jobs 28 • Transplant team 18 • Total for 2013 2012 • Mileage for all jobs 52,975 • *Does not include all of December

  13. HOW DOES IT WORK? SOURCE e.g. – Hospital, Medical Centre, Dialysis Unit, N.N.U. • 6 • CALL 0300 800 0101 • 6 • CALL HANDLER – could be anywhere in the county • WHAT ? Can it be transported by motorcycle? • WHERE ? Pick up point – Drop off point (can often be PPA) • WHEN ?TIME FACTOR (influences which rider) • 6 6 6 • Not TIME CRITICALTIME CRITICALEMERGENCY • 6 • CALL HANDLER calls and dispatches DEVON FREEWHEELERS RIDER • (Rider contacts CALL HANDLER and confirms when job completed)

  14. Our Riders • All are IAM or ROSPA advanced trained. • Receive no payment for their work. Only nine marked emergency bikes. • Give their time freely because they want to serve their local community. • Most have full time jobs. • Are constantly at risk. Rider down last December on North Devon link road. Bike was a ‘write off’, rider wasn’t! • Have to commit to other aspects of DFW

  15. Our Bikes We use special “emergency services” motorbikes equipped with blue lights and sirens in case we are called upon in an emergency situation.

  16. The First Bike • ST1100 Honda Pan European • Service to the community from 2009 – 2011 • Originally purchased by Daniel Lavery to start the charity – funded entirely by himself after investing a start up donation of £15,000.00 • He raised this money – by selling his house!

  17. Replacement bikes Demand on our service continues to increase • We have needed to replace/add bikes • We started with 1 – now have 10 (and 2 support vehicles) • Often bikes are off the road for maintenance • We cover thousands of miles each year • Devon has nearly 10,000 miles of tarmac road

  18. Bikes past and present

  19. Sierra 1 Land Rover Defender 110Support vehicle – donated by Otter Windows • In snow and ice, when our bikes are pulled off the road – we’re still there. ‘Driving for Life’.

  20. Our new H.Q. in Honiton. Office upstairs workshop and storage facilities downstairs

  21. Fundraising Devon Freewheelers receives no funding from central, regional or local Government, the NHS or the National Lottery. We rely upon the generosity of other charitable organisations such as Lions Clubs, Round Table, RAOB, Rotary, Freemasons and Moose International. We are supported by local motorcycle events such as BMAD (Festival and Paignton Bike Nights) and the Plymouth MegaRide. The general public gives us magnificent support (once they become aware of what we do!!!).

  22. Fundraising • We attend fetes, carnivals and shows to collect donations. • Companies sponsor us, by donating money to pay for clothing or fuel. • The Exeter Foundation donated £4,500 to purchase one of our motorbikes. • Schools adopt us as their chosen charity and raise funds throughout the year for us.

  23. Our own CBT Training Course • Compulsory Basic Training course for motorcyclists • Staffed by our own, highly trained advanced emergency riders • A way of generating funds for DFW

  24. Transplant Team • Small team of approved advanced riders • On call 24 hours a day/365 days a year • Serve an area between Bournemouth Hospital and TreliskeHospital

  25. Giving talks and presentations is a key way to raise awareness of what we do

  26. On show at the Bike Festival organised by BMAD – A great supporter of DFW

  27. The BMAD Bike Festival at Paignton An opportunity for the general public to see us and learn of our work.

  28. Collecting is a vital part of our work. Volunteers are always needed! Rallies and Rugby Clubs – always a great help with fund raising.

  29. STREET COLLECTIONS Our ‘Bread and Butter’.

  30. Beneficiaries of our service include… • Dialysis patients and Regional Centres • Transplant Centres • Neo natal Units • Pathology Labs • Hospitals and hospital patients • Recently discharged patients

  31. DFW Needs • Money • To run and maintain the bikes • Volunteers • Ride the bikes, answer the phones, staff collection days and act as DFW FUNDRAISING SUPPORTERS • Publicity is vital • We are constantly trying to raise awareness • Brings in money and volunteers PLEASE HELP US