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‘Holding On’

‘Holding On’

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‘Holding On’

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  1. ‘Holding On’ Sequel to ‘Play with Fire you get Burned’

  2. Summary • “Holding On” is a supernatural story that is full of adventure, loss, and love. In this book a 19 year old girl is a werewolf. This girl, Elise Fire, is living in a dream world filled with all of her very own fears. While back in reality her mate, Seth, and her best friend, Liz, are mourning and ready for revenge. But who would they take it out on, Maximus is dead, right? Holding on is book two of the action packed trilogy.

  3. Back Round Info • For Whom this Concerns, Today is Thursday, November 29, 2012. Michele Daniels, a young author, is in the mists of writing a Sequel to “Play with Fire you get Burned”. It is called “Holding One”

  4. About the Author • Michele is 14 years old and is in 8th grade. She has been writing for most of her life. A few years ago, Michele was just writing a warm up paragraph and it slowly turned into a story. The original story, “Then Came a Dark Cloud”, was the base for her book, “Play with Fire, you get Burned”. With this cheat sheet, Michele began to write out her rough draft in a note book. Two notebooks later, she finished proud……

  5. About the Author continued…. • Not only did she finish the book, but she also left it on a cliff hanger to lead up to her second book, “Holding On”. Her first book is slowly being typed on the computer and posted to Wattpad. Michele is still writing the book, “holding On” and is just at the beginning.

  6. Supporters • Michele says, “ My main supporter would be one of my Best Friend, Lola Runner Elise Holcomb. Not only did she force me to keep writing and uploading to Wattpad, but she also kept me going while beginning her own novel.” All of Michele’s friends are a void of her activity of writing this new sequel. Yet none of them have every discouraged her in writing small excerpts.