vietnam aircrafts and chemical warfare n.
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Vietnam Aircrafts and Chemical Warfare PowerPoint Presentation
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Vietnam Aircrafts and Chemical Warfare

Vietnam Aircrafts and Chemical Warfare

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Vietnam Aircrafts and Chemical Warfare

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  1. Vietnam Aircrafts and Chemical Warfare By: Gordon T. , Kyle H. , Zach W. , and Anthony B.

  2. Huey officially named the Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) it first flew on October 20th 1956 ordered into production in march of 1960 first turbine powered helicopter to enter production for the United State Military it first saw combat in the vietnam war 7,000 UH-1 aircrafts were used in the war

  3. Chinook Twin engine, heavy lifting helicopter Named after the Native Americans Used to transport troops and supplies Most effective use was to recover downed aircraft

  4. Phantom officially the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II originally developed for the Navy adopted by the Marines and Air Force served as a principal in air superiority for both the Navy and Air Force became important in ground-attack and reconnaissance later in the war

  5. B-52 Large Plane used to primarily to drop bombs. Used in Operation Arc Light Tactics included carpet bombing Used in operation rolling thunder

  6. Napalm A highly flammable gel Original use was anti-personnel and to use against buildings Later its use is made to be a war crime.

  7. Operation Ranch Hand agent orange- sprayed on forests to destroy enemy cover and destroy crops, it caused many health problems for locals and soldiers agent blue- used to destroy crops such as grass, rice, and bamboo agent green- used to kill crops and enemy cover (used from 62-64) agent pink - very similar to agent green agent purple- similar to agent orange, it was very toxic and used in the beginning of herbicide use in the war agent white- similar to agent orange and used when orage wasn't available

  8. Foo gas mixture of explosives and gas or napalm uses an explosive charge to blast enemies with burning liquid full name : fou gase

  9. Operation Crimp January 8th-14th 1966 also known as the battle of Ho Bo Woods it was a joint US-Australian Military operation targeted key VC headquarters believed to be underground use of napalm and B-52 bombers

  10. Operation Rolling Thunder Carried out by the Second Air Division, the US navy, and the Republic of Vietnam Air Force It went from March 2, 1965 until November 2, 1968 Very fierce fight and the NVA had a great air defense against the US and ARVN The allies thought that they can take North Vietnam by bombing them but they were surprised to see that the NVA had a good air defense