chemical warfare n.
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Chemical Warfare PowerPoint Presentation
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Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare

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Chemical Warfare

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  1. Chemical Warfare CHEMICAL Warfare BY: Danny Davis & Jordan Harper

  2. Outline • I: What is chemical Warfare. • II: how do you know when it hits. • III: Different kinds of Dissemination • IV: Photos of the affects. • V: Different kinds of chemicals used. • VI: Photos of the affects. • VII: Our stand. • IIX: Our Sources.

  3. What is Chemical Warfare • Chemical warfare is the worst kind of warfare. • It is using chemicals or for example small pox to fight wars. • The reason why it is so deadly is because it is a silent killer. • It does not have to kill you right away. • You can be out of a city for a month a still be killed by the affect or disease.

  4. How do you know when it hits • One man alone can not detect all methods of chemical warfare. • The one that the naked eye can detect is when it is dispersed by a missile. • How do we know when they try to fool us. • A scientist from Sweden invented a air laser detector that can detect when bad chemicals are in the air.

  5. Different kinds of Dissemination • The first kind of dissemination was wind dispersal. • That is using the wind patterns to get to its destination. • They started using aircraft bombs in the WWII. • The latest technology they use is Binary munitions which is mixing two chemicals to make one real deadly one.

  6. Icon one is a picture chemical field bomb shells.Icon two is the affects of chemical warfare.

  7. Different kinds of chemical used • The kind of chemicals that are used the most are nerve agents. • They use them to make their enemy’s body have complications. • Another popular chemical used is anthrax. • Terrorist groups also use chemicals such as small pox, richen, and different nerve agents.

  8. Picture one is three terrorist in front of a burning city.Icon two is the affect of a mustard gas attack.Photo number 3 shows us that protection doesn’t always work.Picture number four is the affect of an anthrax attack.

  9. Where we stand • We are 100% against chemical warfare. • It is not only the cheapest kind of warfare, but it is the most inhumane. • In the long run it affects everyone. • There is not any good points to this issue.

  10. My sources • • Winkipedia Chemical Warfare • Warfare