chemical warfare n.
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Chemical Warfare PowerPoint Presentation
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Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare

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Chemical Warfare

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  1. Chemical Warfare By: William Newton of TCMS 5/18/12

  2. Introduction to Bio weapons • Chemical warfare has been used for centuries. These weapons are basically the use of chemicals to gain an advantage on the opposition. • But the biggest uses of Chemical Warfare were during the wars of the 20th and 21st century.

  3. Very First Uses of Biological Weapons • Chemical warfare dates back very, very early. • Some examples are: -Spartans used sulfur flames -Crimean Tartars flung plague -infected corpses toward the Italians -blankets with smallpox were given toward enemy native people, etc.

  4. First Major Uses • The first major uses of Chemical Warfare was during the first World War or the Great War. • They were made, so that armies of men could break the barriers, known as trenches. • The first use was when the French deployed tear gas grenades filled with xylyl. This was just an irritant, definitely not fatal. • The German’s than used Chlorine on the French soldiers. The French were completely surprised, causing many to get caught in the green gas cloud. • This set the plug off, and caused both sides to use poison gas.

  5. Poison Gas Masks

  6. Poison Gas Masks • These masks were used by soldiers in World War 1 and World War 2 to protect themselves form the chemicals • If protected they were immune to the effects. • If they failed to put on the mask, fatal events could happen, or side effects like mental retardation, etc. based on the chemicals.

  7. Chemicals usedduring WWll and Vietnam War • During these two wars, one major development in Biological Warfare was Napalm. • It was a sort of jelly, made from palmitic and naphthalenic acid. It was extremely flammable and if caught on organic materials it would intensely stay aflame. If caught in napalm, soldiers were faced with the possibility of becoming a human torch. • Nazis also used a special chemical to kill off civilians, jews, and other captives called zyklon-b.

  8. Empty Zyklon-B cans from WWll

  9. Modern Uses of Bio Weapons • Some examples are: -like when a sarin nerve gas on a Tokyo subway station -the coalition forces bombed bio-chemical factories -an anthrax attack killed 50 Iraqi troops. • Chemical Warfare is still very much alive today, and is much of a threat. Our military is always prepared, so I wouldn’t be worried about them

  10. Epilogue • I hope you enjoyed this presentation, found it entertaining, and learned a thing or two.