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Life Cycle PowerPoint Presentation

Life Cycle

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Life Cycle

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  1. Life Cycle Done by:Jirah Class:5B

  2. Life Cycle Done by:Jirah

  3. Content • What is life cycle? • All about the life cycles of Butterfly, Frogs and Kangaroos…

  4. What is life cycle? • Biology. the continuous sequence of changes undergone by an organism from one primary form, as a gamete, to the development of the same form again.

  5. All about Butterflies • During the egg state, the butterfly gains the characteristics of its mother and father. This is similar to the time in which we, as human beings, are inside our mothers stomach. • Did you know that caterpillars are very picky eaters? Caterpillars often choose a specific type of plant and would rather die than eat something else! • Can you believe that this beautiful butterfly started off as a tiny little egg? So what now? The main job of the male (boy) butterfly is to find itself a "girlfriend".

  6. Life Cycle of Butterfly At last, at last it's a butterfly!!! The first stage in a butterflies life-cycle!! Is it a butterfly yet?? The third step in a butterflies life-cycle! The second step in a butterflies life cycle!!

  7. Life Cycle of Kangaroos The joey is out of the pouch for good and is beginning to explore his new world! Now I grow up! Aren't you too small kangaroo??? Mom, do you think I'm ready to leave the pouch?

  8. Life Cycle of Frogs Look! I'm all grown up! So frogs lay eggs?? A cute baby frog is born!! Wow, this looks like a fish!!

  9. Life Cycle of Spawners Eyed Eggs Hatched Alevins Newly Emerged Fry Fingerlings

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