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Life cycle PowerPoint Presentation

Life cycle

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Life cycle

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  1. The Bangzoke The deadliest animal on earth. Howl Speed Bibliography Pack life Life cycle Geography Diet Foodchain

  2. Diet of the Bangzoke The Bangzokes diet consists mainly of meat but when meat resources are low it will move to grasses, leaves and shrubs. Their stomach unlike ours is designed to eat leaves and shrubs as well as meat like elk, and bears. Their ears are designed to pick up the smallest squawk to a scream of wounded prey.

  3. Life cycle This is a life cycle of the Bangzoke Teenager Kid Family

  4. Howl of the Bangzoke There howl is said to sound like a pack of wolves howling. This is a Bangzoke howling.

  5. Geography The Bangzoke lives in Yellowstone National Park. Since in winter it has reached minus three degrees Celsius their pelts have to grow in winter and shed in summer. For most of winter it snows.

  6. Food Chain This is a simple Food chain of Yellowstone National Park

  7. Pack life They mostly live in a pack so they can take down big animals like bison and Black Bears.

  8. Speed The speed of a Bangzoke is incredible. They can chase and eat down any animal stumbles into their territory.

  9. Animal Information Height:65cm Length:2m Description: Light grey to White. Howls like a Wolf. Bent canines to tear in to meat. Lives in a pack. Habitat: Yellowstone National Park Food chain position: top of the food chain length 2M Height 65cm

  10. Bibliography