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Physiologic classification of anemia

Hemolytic Anaemia II Glycolytic pathway. Glucose lactate dpn ATP dpnh G6P Pyruvate ATP 1GP PEP ATP 2PG F16P 3PG DHAP G3P 1,3 DPG 2,3,DPG. . . GPI. . HK. TPI. Aldolase

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Physiologic classification of anemia

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    1. Physiologic classification of anemia C. Hemolytic anemia Hereditary Defects of hemoglobin Thalassaemia, Sickle cell anemia Defects of the red cell membrane Hereditary spherocytosis, Hereditary elliptocytosis Defective red cell metabolism G6PD deficiency. P K deficiency Acquired Immune mediated : Autoimmune, isoimmune, drugs Microangiopathic: DIC, HUS Hypersplenism Miscellaneous; drugs, toxin, infection, burn, chemical

    2. Hemolytic Anaemia II Glycolytic pathway

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