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Life Cycles PowerPoint Presentation
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Life Cycles

Life Cycles

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Life Cycles

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  1. Life Cycles • This software has been created to inform classmates about the life cycle of a butterfly. The program explains how the life cycle of the butterfly develops, and includes games to reinforce this life cycle. Click on the butterfly to begin.

  2. The Life Cycle Which came first, the egg or the adult? Of the Butterfly Begin

  3. Stage 1 The Egg • Butterfly eggs differ from one to another. Sometimes the adult lays one egg, other times they lay hundreds of them. The egg can range in color from green and red, to yellow or brown. The eggs can be long and oval like a pickle, or can be flat and round like a pancake.

  4. Stage 2 The Larvae or Caterpillar • The larvae is what comes from the egg. The larvae does not look like a butterfly. It looks more like a worm-known as a caterpillar. The caterpillar grows larger by molting its skin several times and eating large amounts of food. This stage takes from two weeks to one month to complete.

  5. Stage 3 The Pupa • Stage 3 begins when the caterpillar enters a chrysalis, or cocoon known as the pupa. The pupa does not eat during this stage, but does grow wings, legs and internal organs. It may take just four days or up to several months to complete this stage.

  6. Stage 4 The Adult • When the adult breaks out of the pupa, it is a beautiful butterfly. The new adult butterfly is immediately ready for reproduction. The life span of a butterfly lasts from just a few days up to 12 months. Can you put the stages in order?. Need more review?

  7. Do you know the life cycle of the butterfly? Click on the arrow to test your skills. If you need another look at the cycles, click on the house!

  8. Your turn • Which came first? • Click on the correct stage and move to the next question. Need help?

  9. Awesome Job! • What stage happens next? Need help?

  10. Don’t give up! • The third stage of the butterfly life cycle is…? Need help?

  11. You can do it! • And the final stage to a butterfly’s life cycle… Need help?

  12. Great Job! • Now that you know the stages of the butterfly life cycle, its time to… Match the picture to the stage name! If you answer correctly, you automatically move to the next question. Ready for matching

  13. What is this? Larvae Pupa Butterfly Egg Need a hint?

  14. What is this? • Larvae • Pupa • Butterfly • Egg Need a hint?

  15. What is this? • Larvae • Pupa • Butterfly • Egg Need a hint?

  16. What is this? • Larvae • Pupa • Butterfly • Egg Need a hint?

  17. Great Job! • Now you’re an expert on the life cycle of the butterfly!!! I have found a great book that is fun to read. It even tells about the life cycle of the butterfly. Add it to your collection! Eric Carle is the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This book describes the stages of a butterflies life leading up to its adulthood, and the trouble it gets into by eating too much food in the pupa stage. Click the caterpillar to finish

  18. Hope you had a FLY time! Try Again sources

  19. Sources • •