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Life Cycles PowerPoint Presentation
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Life Cycles

Life Cycles

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Life Cycles

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  1. Life Cycles

  2. Table of Contents • Life Cycles • Growing Up • Surviving and Homes • Mating

  3. Life Cycle of a Tuatara Lizard THE TUATARA LIZARD HAS 3 EYES! Menu Next

  4. Tuatara Lizard Growing Up • The Tuatara Lizard is an amazing species because of its 3rd eye and its steak knife teeth. When the Tuatara Lizard is a baby it has to learn how to survive by them selves. The Tuatara Lizard is called a living fossil because it is 200 million years old . • This is a picture of a baby Tuatara • Lizard. The Tuatara’s type of reptile is • called a Sphenodon Punctatus. Menu Next Back

  5. Surviving and Homes • This reptile has to live alone unless they have to mate. This reptile is a predator and eats rats and insects. The Tuatara Lizard lives in New Zealand . Its teeth are especially amazing because its teeth works like a steak knife cutting through meat. This reptile is a terrestrial and nocturnal lizard. This animal has a body temperature of 17 degrees and also it has the coldest body temperature of any lizard. Menu Next Back

  6. Mating • Tuatara lizards mate very slowly. They mate 10 to 20 years after birth. The tuatara mates in midsummer. It takes a female tuatara 12 to 15 months for the female to lay the egg and for the egg to hatch. If the egg is in a warmer place it will be a male if in a cooler place it will be a female. Menu Back

  7. Life Cycle

  8. Living and Homes • Beavers are fascinating rodents. They live in the water and build homes called dams or also called lodges. They use their strong front teeth to cut down trees for their dam. They build their dams in the water because of the predators cant go near water maybe. Beavers are the second largest rodent in the world.

  9. Body Parts • The beavers are excellent swimmers. They can dive rapidly into the water with its broad tail. Beavers can sense predators so if they do sense predators they can dive under water for 15 minutes. Their tail is very strong. Its strong enough to wack an adult of their feet. They use their tail to defend and swim. Their teeth grow instantaneously because when they chew the trees the teeth get worn out.

  10. Table of Contents

  11. Life Cycle

  12. Growing Up • Hippo grows up with their parents. They are very small in the very beginning they weigh 20 kilograms.