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Project RACES

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Project RACES

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Project RACES

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  1. Project RACES End User Training Course SCM326 – iSupplier Forecast for Suppliers Description: This course explains the Navigation in iSupplier for Forecast Roles: Suppliers

  2. Course Objectives At the end of this course, you will be able to: • Explain key process changes in the following areas: • Register for iSupplier • Navigate and view Supplier Forecast 2

  3. Course Map 3

  4. Section 1: Register for iSupplier Upon completing this section, you will be able to: • Understand how to register for iSupplier • User has a SSO • User does not have a SSO 4

  5. Register for iSupplier Access • Go to • If user does not have GE SSO select Register • If user does have GE SSO select Sign In 5

  6. Register for iSupplier Access • If Registering: • Complete the required information in the User Registration Page • Do not forget what username and password you set up • Agree to the terms, confirm and click next 6

  7. Register for iSupplier Access Application Catalog page opens up. Click on Supplier Apps in the Filter By section. Click Request More Access • • Please note you will be able to see the Products & Services for iSupplier also when the All Applications is selected in the Filter By section • Select Renewables/Sourcing/Wind Turbines in the Product and Services section • 7

  8. Register for iSupplier Access • Select Renewables iSupplier as the Application Name and click on Request Access on the top right hand corner of the page. • Fill out the information asked in the next page pop up • Click on Submit • A success message pops up that the request has been submitted successfully. 8

  9. Register for iSupplier Access • Once user is registered in Races ERP, supplier will get registration confirmation email. • Please ignore password present in the system generated email, please use the user id and password you had used for registration in the SSO registration portal 9

  10. Section 2: Navigating iSupplier for Forecast Upon completing this section, you will be able to: • Understand how to navigate through iSupplier to see: • Forecast • Orders 10

  11. Navigating iSupplier • Once registered, log in to iSupplier Homepage • Link to iSupplier: • Select GERE POS iSupplier Portal All Access > Home Page 11

  12. Navigating iSupplier – View Forecast • Click on Planning Tab • For Brazil or China Factories there will be separate tabs (see below) • Salzbergen and Pensacola forecast will only be in the Planning Tab • Enter search criteria OR leave all blank to search for all schedules and click Go 12

  13. Navigating iSupplier – View Forecast • All Schedules will appear after clicking Go • Creation date will show most current schedule • Ship to Organization will show which factory (Pensacola or Salzbergen) to which the schedule applies • Select the schedule you wish to view to see forecast • The horizon, for which the supplier can see the forecast, can be seen in the schedule start and end date. • Volume as per the agreed volume split. • Planned arrival dates at the respective factory, not EXW dates. • Volume that is on order will not be shown in the forecast • The Summarized View icon when clicked will allow to view all items in the schedule with their forecast in same view. 13

  14. Navigating iSupplier – View Forecast • If multiple items have been set up for forecast, they will appear after selecting the specific schedule • If you only want to see one item at a time, you can click on one of the items to view the forecast • If you want to see the forecast for all items at the same time, please click on summarized view as mentioned in the previous screen. • Note: the Supplier Agreement Number is not a contractual order. It is a placeholder that enables forecast to be sent to iSupplier Please see slide 17 for order details • Note: The items in the forecast schedule were setup by the buyer. If there is an item missing, they have to contact the buyer for this. 14

  15. Navigating iSupplier – View Forecast • All forecast quantities will appear in the forecast row and the forecast is defined in buckets • The first 34 buckets will be by week • After bucket 34 future buckets will be by month • Release row will show only Open quantity of blanket releases whose Blanket Purchase Agreements are still Open and attached to the Item ASL Source Tab. 15

  16. Navigating iSupplier – View Forecast • Released row will show Open Quantity of Blanket Releases whose Blanket Purchase Agreements are still Open. • The Blanket Purchase Agreements can be attached in any sequence in Item ASL Source Tab. 16

  17. Navigating iSupplier – View Forecast • To view all part numbers in a single view click Summarized View • Click Export to export summary to Excel Schedule Number Bucket & Forecast Factory Location Item numbers 17

  18. Navigating iSupplier – View Forecast • Line Order Summary - These details are NOT firmed orders but the specific need by dates forecasted in the Renewables planning engine. Each of these dates rolls into one of the buckets in the forecast view • Supplier Authorization has no functionality valid for Renewables and can be ignored 18

  19. Navigating iSupplier – View Orders • To view all Purchase Orders or Blanket Purchase Agreement Releases navigate to the Orders Tab • All Approved Purchase Orders or BPA Releases are viewable in this tab • You can then click on the PO number to view more details • The Document Type Column will tell you if the doc is a standard purchase order or Blanket Purchase Agreement 19

  20. Navigating iSupplier – View Orders • A Blanket Purchase Agreement is only a placeholder in the GE system to hold supplier / item / pricing details. It is not an agreement for volume. • Any contractual agreement will be in the form of a BPA Release. • The nomenclature to know if there is a BPA release is in the form of the BPA number –(dash) Release Number • I.e. 6300010431-1, 6300010431-2 etc. • If there is a BPA release, you can see it listed once clicking on the document number • You can then click on the release number to view the order details BPA Number Release number & Details 20

  21. Navigating iSupplier – View Orders • For all documents you can view the PDF by going to Actions > Printable View > Go Note – the Orders in iSupplier are view only Please continue to use Clear Orbit as the supplier collaboration tool to accept POs, enter Promise dates, enter Serialization, and if applicable, enter invoices 21

  22. Project RACES Training Proprietary and Confidential Issue Escalation Process • If you have a systems issue I.e. cannot log in, tool doesn’t function properly: • Go to • Use your supplier SSO to log in • Open a ticket referencing RACES iSupplier • If you see a data quality issue or concern with the forecast contact a GE Factory buyer

  23. Thank You! Thank You For Completing This Course! 23