urban sprawl n.
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Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl

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Urban Sprawl

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  1. Urban Sprawl Noah Layman, Joey Rubin, and Seth Locher

  2. Essential Question How does urban sprawl affect people and the planet?

  3. Urban sprawl is the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas.

  4. Urban sprawl affects people and the planet by creating excessive pollution and destroying countryside.

  5. How to Stop Urban Sprawl To stop urban sprawl, cities must run efficiently. Detroit has broken down and needs to run more efficiently by improving their schools.

  6. For our plan of action, we collected money from neighbors to use to buy school supplies.

  7. We then took our school supplies to Operation Kid Equip, which is a non-profit Troy-based organization that donates school supplies to public schools in the surrounding area (including Detroit) to improve public schools.

  8. Noah wrote a paper about urban sprawl in Atlanta, Georgia and wrote very well. In our plan of action, Noah collected money in his neighborhood to purchase school supplies to donate.

  9. In Noah’s paper about Atlanta, Georgia, Noah spoke about how car pollution is out of control with all the population, and how the water is so polluted that it sickens the population.

  10. Seth wrote a paper about urban sprawl in Phoenix, Arizona which he wrote very well. He also collected money in his neighborhood. We purchased school supplies with the money he raised and donated them.

  11. Joey wrote a paper about urban sprawl in Toronto and wrote very well. Joey also went to homes in his neighborhood to receive money to buy school supplies to donate. He also advertised to get money to help the children in Detroit receive a better education.

  12. Through the duration of Joey’s paper about Toronto, Ontario, he spoke about the rising population of Toronto and how they have needed to hire more police officers to keep up with the rising crime rates. Also, Joey spoke of the rising amount of pollution in the Toronto Area.

  13. Our project was successful. We have successfully given poor public schools a better opportunity for future Detroiters to succeed and fix up Detroit. Only time will tell how successful we truly are.

  14. As a whole, we collected over $150. We contacted Operation Kid Equip to decide what supplies are needed. We then purchased 15 one-subject spiral notebooks 13 24-packs of wood pencils 40 erasers 6 six-packs of glue 16 24-count boxes of crayons nine blunt-edge scissors 15 ten-count boxes of markers 5-12 inch rulers and delivered them to Operation Kid Equip.

  15. To be more successful, we would have liked to raise more money and donate more school supplies for Detroit school children.

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