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E-Admission: To Be or Not To Be On the Cutting Edge! PowerPoint Presentation
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E-Admission: To Be or Not To Be On the Cutting Edge!

E-Admission: To Be or Not To Be On the Cutting Edge!

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E-Admission: To Be or Not To Be On the Cutting Edge!

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  1. E-Admission: To Be or Not To Be On the Cutting Edge! Chair: Mrs. Mildred Johnson, Interim Director of Admission, Virginia Tech University Presenter: Mr. Tommy Griffin, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, North Carolina State University Presenter: Dr. Boyd Bradshaw, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, Saint Louis University

  2. E-Admission Strategic Enrollment Management It’s More Than Just Admissions! Dr. Boyd Bradshaw

  3. Millennial Generation • Couldn’t imagine life without a computer • Quiet Shoppers • Early Birds • Ants in the Pants

  4. Millennial Generation • Preferred Media • Text Messaging • Web Based Communication • Programmed Telephone Messaging • Video Games Competition • U-Tube / Web Videos

  5. Choosing Your Approach • How To: • Entice • Communicate • Convince • Support

  6. Entice • Is your website easy to navigate for the common visitor? Feel? Visual? Exciting? Engaging? • How do you utilize technology in the search process? Do you use different vehicles based on the student population you are recruiting? • Is the university website model the admissions website? How updated is your information? • Do you track your on-line visitors and what information they are viewing?

  7. Communicate • Do you have virtual advisor on your website? Does other EM and campus units also utilize this function? • How quickly does your admission counselors/staff respond to email? How do you define normal business hours? What is the email response time for other university units? • Do you have a communication unit within admissions? What relationship do you have with campus-wide marketing and communication?

  8. Convince • How do you utilize technology with campus tours? Visit programs? Outreach events? • How personalized is the recruitment experience for prospective students? • What is your communication plan prior to a deposit? After a deposit? • What personal touch do you provide to the undecided student?

  9. Support • Do you ask students what type of communication they prefer? • Do you capture data in your CRM and use it to craft messages accordingly? • Do you have a social network specific to your student populations? • Is there campus collaboration between service units and academic units in using technology?

  10. E-Admission – SEM Style • Engaging students through the recruitment process • Creating an expectation before and after enrollment • Building a bridge to successful alumni and giving • Creating a brand promise and vision for the university

  11. Keys to Technology Success • Staffing • Campus Wide Collaboration • Data Analysis • Best Practices • Literature Review • Planning

  12. E-Admission The Decision… To Be or Not To Be on the CUTTING EDGE! Mr. Thomas Griffin

  13. Traditional Communication Channels Used In College Admissions • Mass mailing • Phone calling • Advertising • Print ads • Radio & TV ads • Billboards • Face to Face • College fairs • School visits • Receptions • Campus visits

  14. Typical Traditional Mail Admissions Communication • Student Search letter • Viewbook • Newsletters • Paper applications • Admission decision letters

  15. New technology adds new channels of communication. It does not necessarily replace old channels.

  16. Evaluate Technology on Three Factors • Purpose • How does the technology help achieve our goals? • Message • Does the technology help us tell our story? • Connections/Social Groups • How does the technology connect people?

  17. Technology enhanced communication • Websites • E-mail messages • IM/Chat • Blogs • Video • Flash animation • Pod casts • Personal web portals • Self serve systems (FAQ) • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) • Social networks • Virtual worlds

  18. Issues • Changes in the student-counselor, student-college, counselor-college relationships • The optimal mix of traditional and technology enhanced communication • Managing all the technology

  19. E-mail

  20. Web Sites Admissions applications Catalogs Self serve systems (FAQ) Virtual Advising Virtual tours University of Florida University of Alabama Virginia Tech

  21. Prospective Student Portals General portals College Board My College QuickStart North Carolina CFNC University Portals NC State University East Carolina University

  22. Counselor Pages and Portals Mississippi State University Information for High School Counselors NC State University WolfPAW

  23. IM/Chats •

  24. Flash Animation Kettering University

  25. Video NC State University KrispyKreme Challenge

  26. YouTube Did You Know – 2.0 Carl Fisch

  27. User generated content NC State University

  28. Wikis Wikipedia entry WolfWikis UC Davis

  29. Pod casts Virginia Tech

  30. Social networking sites • Open social networking sites • Facebook • Myspace • Wingate University • Closed Social networking sites • Elon University

  31. Blogs University of Texas MIT

  32. Interactive Experience UNC Charlotte Experience

  33. Unofficial Rating Sites RateMyProfessor

  34. Unofficial College Sites The Wolf Web

  35. Virtual Worlds Second Life