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Literacy Design Collaborative Showcase PowerPoint Presentation
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Literacy Design Collaborative Showcase

Literacy Design Collaborative Showcase

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Literacy Design Collaborative Showcase

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    1. Literacy Design Collaborative Showcase East Jessamine High School: Template Tasks and Modules Teddi Baker Jill Baldwin-Messer Sarah Cox Ashley Onkst Michelle Purcell Elizabeth Royse

    2. LDC Template tasks All LDC tasks require students to: Read, analyze, and comprehend texts as specified by common core Write products as specified by the common core (focusing on argumentation, informational/explanatory, and narrative) Apply common core literacy standards to content (ELA, social studies, and/or science) -They are designed to ensure that students receive literacy and content instruction in rigorous academic reading and writing tasks that prepare them for success in college by the end of their high school career.

    3. Tasks continued Each LDC template task includes the following components: Template Prompt. Is a shell statement that allows teachers to fill-in-the-blanks with content and type of products and charges students with a taskwhat students should do and what product they should produce. Generic Scoring Rubric. Describes and connects demands and qualities established by the common core standards with the student product.

    4. Sample prompt: Example of a template prompt and related ELA, social studies, and science sample prompts: Template task prompt: After researching ______(informational texts) on _____(content), write a (product) that defines and explains _____(content). Support your discussion with evidence from your research. ELA Task: After researching articles on modernism in American literature, write a report that defines and explains modernism. Support your discussion with evidence from your research.

    5. Same tasks continued Social studies task: After researching articles and political documents on government lobbyists, write a report that defines and explains who and what lobbyists are and the role they play in our political system. Support your discussion with evidence from your research. Science task: After researching scientific articles on magnetism, write a report that defines and explains magnetism and its role in the planetary system. Support your discussion with evidence from your research.

    6. How are ldc template tasks organized? A conceptual framework that embeds critical thinking skills, or cognitive strategies Common core writing requirements-make arguments, inform or explain, narrate. Text structures (modes of discourse)-definition, description, prodedural-sequential, synthesis, analysis, comparison, evaluation, problem/solution, cause/effect.

    7. What types of reading texts, writing products, and content go in the blanks on each template task?