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The Literacy Design Collaborative PowerPoint Presentation
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The Literacy Design Collaborative

The Literacy Design Collaborative

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The Literacy Design Collaborative

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  1. The Literacy Design Collaborative A Framework to Move to Higher Level Thinking in Reading and Writing in All Texas Classrooms

  2. TX CCR = Clear Goals “The Texas College and Career Readiness State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn... The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.”

  3. CCR = literacy taught in content areas “While the English language arts classroom has often been seen as the proper site for literacy instruction, this document acknowledges that the responsibility for teaching such skills must also extend to other content areas.”

  4. CCR, STAAR, EOC’s = a new challenge Unlike math, secondary literacy is not a discipline. . It is “homeless” in that it belongs to everyone and no one.

  5. Now We Need to Move … From blueprint… …to action!

  6. Where are We Starting From? If students are not proficient when they enter a course, what is the chance that teachers will “stop, drop and teach them to read and write?”

  7. Too Often, the Common Answer is …


  9. LDC Offers a Different Choice! So teachers don’t have to “move from blueprint to action” alone.

  10. What is The Literacy Design Collaborative?

  11. Goals of LDC • To engage students in reading, comprehending, analyzing, interpreting, and responding to complex texts • To align assignments to the College and Career Readiness Standards within the TEKS and to promote collaboration among teachers and students • To help teachers personalize learning so that every student can master the CCRS and TEKS • To develop students who are independent learners and ensure that all students can be college and career ready

  12. What does LDC look like?An example from New York City username:crwviewerpassword:2crwviewer95

  13. Guiding Questions for Video: • How is this classroom different from those you have seen? • How is reading and writing used as a tool to learn social studies in this classroom? • What is the teacher’s role in this classroom? • What is the student’s role in the classroom? • What has the teacher done to support/ensure student success? Activity 1 in Participant Packet.

  14. How is LDC Different?

  15. What are the LDC tools? • The bank of 29 reading/writing tasks • The module template • Tasks • Skills • Instruction • Results • Scoring rubrics • Local and national collaboration • Access to a community of educators with LDC modules aligned to course content and to CCSS 15

  16. A simple frame…

  17. What are the three typesof writing tasks? • Argumentation (Persuasive) • 2. Informational/explanatory • 3. Narrative 17 LDC Framework 10-17-11

  18. LDC Writing Task vs. Traditional Writing Prompt As you view the next slides, jot down the differences between the LDC writing tasks and the traditional writing prompts. • Which one is more rigorous? • Which one is more engaging? See Activity 2 in the Participant Packet. 18

  19. ELALDC Task vs. Traditional Writing Prompt

  20. Career/Technical TaskLDC Task vs. Traditional Writing Prompt

  21. ScienceLDC Task vs. Traditional Writing Prompt

  22. Social StudiesLDC Task vs. Traditional Writing Prompt

  23. Tools in the form of templates for standards-based reading and writing assignments An Example Task 2 Template (Argumentation/Analysis L1, L2, L3): [Insert question]. After reading _____ (literature or informational texts), write an _________(essay or substitute) that addresses the question and support your position with evidence from the text(s). L2 Be sure to acknowledge competing views. L3 Give examples from past or current events or issues to illustrate and clarify your position.

  24. Practitioner knowledge and skill….An Example: Step 1: What Task? Task 1 Template (Argumentation/Analysis L1, L2, L3): After researching ___________(informational texts) on ____________(content), write __________ (essay or substitute) that argues your position on_____ (content). Support your position with evidence from your research. L2 Be sure to acknowledge competing views. L3 Give examples from past or current events or issues to illustrate and clarify your position.

  25. Social Studies Teaching Task(Argumentation/Analysis) After researching on _________, write an _________that argues your position on ___________________. Support your position with evidence from your research. L2 Be sure to acknowledge competing views. L3 Give examples from past or current events or issues to illustrate and clarify your position. academic articles censorship editorial the use of filters by schools

  26. ELA Teaching Task(Informational Explanatory) How do poets breathe life into their words? After readingThe Road Not Taken, Mother to Son, My Grandmother Would Rock Quietlyand Hum and 2 examples of poetry analysis, write an essay that definespoetic devices and explains their effect on the author’s purpose and meaning in one of the three poems. Support your discussion with evidence from the text(s). L2 What implications can you draw?

  27. Tasks All LDC tasks require students to: • Read, analyze, and comprehend texts as specified by the TEKS • Write products as specified by the TEKS/CCRS (focusing on argumentation, informational/explanatory, and narrative) • Apply CCRS literacy requirements to content (ELA, social studies, and/or science) The tasks are designed to ensure that students receive literacy and content instruction in rigorous academic reading and writing tasks that prepare them for success in college by the end of their high school career.

  28. Developing Essential Questions What is an essential question?

  29. Key Traits of Essential Question... • Focus on the big picture • Is open ended • Usually begins with the interrogatives what, how, or why • Poses a student learning objective as an inquiry • Invites the student to search for an answer through critical thinking • Should be important five years from now

  30. Standard: Biology 9-12 3. Explain the cellular basis of life 3.1 Describe traits which distinguish living from nonliving things 3.2 Identify the cell as the basic unit of structure and function 3.3 Recognize that cells originate from other cells of like kind 3.4 Define biological terms used in identifying general cell functions 3.5 Compare/contrast structure & function 3.6 Identify common cell organelles and describe the function of each What makes a cell a cell? Where do cells come from? What do cells do? Why are cells important?

  31. Let’s give it a try. • Design a Task using Task 2 or 12 Template that covers 2-4 weeks of material that you will teach in the first quarter. • Pay special attention to the essential question, the reading assignments and the writing assignments. • Be prepared to present your completed work to the group. See Activity 3 in the Participant Packet.

  32. Practitioners as co-designers… z z  ★ ★  z z ★ z  z ★  z ★ z  ★ ★  • LDC Field Test Districts • LDC State/Large District Initiatives • Emerging LDC Partner Networks and Individuals

  33. Partners with expertise and networks… ASCD Aspen Institute Battelle Center for Inspired Teaching CRESST ConnectEd Intermediate Unit 13/Lancaster-Lebanon, PA Jobs for the Future Measured Progress MetaMetrics National Paideia Center National Writing Project New Tech Network New Visions for Public Schools Research for Action SCALE: Stanford Center for Assessment. Learning and Equity Southern Regional Education Board WestED

  34. The Literacy Design Collaborative … A humble beginning with a “scrappy” team of practitioners

  35. Imagine the Possibilities!

  36. THANK YOU!For further rgvizcaino@hotmail.comwww.mygroupgenius.orgor the up-coming