nuclear weapons n.
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Nuclear Weapons PowerPoint Presentation
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Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear Weapons

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  1. Nuclear Weapons By: Adebayo Amusu Foreign Policy

  2. History Of Nuclear Weapons • The first nuclear weapons were created by the United States, and Albert Einstein Manhattan Project. • While the first weapons were developed mainly out of fear that Germany they would first develop them, they were eventually used against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima Nagasaki in August 1945.

  3. History Of Nuclear Weapons • Nuclear weapons were symbols of military and national power, and nuclear testing nuclear was often used both to test new designs as well as to send political messages.

  4. History Of Nuclear Weapons • Other nations also developed nuclear weapons during this time, including the United Kingdom France, and China. These five members of the "nuclear club" agreed to attempt to limit the spread of nuclear rise to other nations, though at least three other countries (India, South Africa, Pakistan, and most likely Israel) developed nuclear arms during this time.

  5. Effect of Nuclear Weapons • The energy released from a nuclear weapon comes in four major categories: • Blast – 40-60% of total energy • Thermal radiation – 30-50% of total energy • Ionizing radiation – 5% of total energy • Residual radiation (fallout) – 5-10% of total energy

  6. Effect of Nuclear Weapons • Although a nuclear weapon is capable of causing the same destruction as usual explosives through the effects of blast and thermal radiation, release much larger amounts of energy in a much shorter period of time.

  7. Effect of Nuclear Weapons • Most of the damage caused by a nuclear weapon is not directly related to the nuclear process of energy release, and would be present for any explosion of the same magnitude.

  8. Effect of Nuclear Weapons • A nuclear weapon that is exploded underground can destroy a deeply send out energy efficiently and requires significantly less power to do so than a nuclear weapon.

  9. Effect of Nuclear Weapons

  10. China Effect Of Nuclear Weapons • U.S. intelligence predict that over the next 15 years China may increase the number of warheads aimed at U.S. Targets from 20 to between 75-100 site. In the next decade, China will likely make its most rapid headway in the development of ballistic missiles.

  11. Russia Effect of Nuclear Weapons • Russia is currently estimated to have about 5,000 strategic nuclear warheads plus 3,400 tactical nuclear weapons.

  12. India Effect Of Nuclear Weapons • India is generally estimated to have about 60 nuclear warheads and enough plutonium to manufacture to add 30-50 more warheads.

  13. Iraq • Saddam Hussein did not possess stockpiles of illegal weapons at the time of the U.S. invasion in March 2003 and had not begun any program to produce them.

  14. Foreign Policy • President George W. Bush has singled out terrorist nuclear attacks on the United States as the defining threat the nation will face in the foreseeable future. In addressing this specter, he has asserted that Americans' "highest priority is to keep terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction. • " So far, however, his words have not been matched by deeds. The Bush administration has yet to develop a strategy for combating the threat of nuclear terror.

  15. The Bigger Threat? • The United States stated on February 26, 2003 that North Korea had reactivated a reactor at its main nuclear complex. • The Korea is a big threat to American cause they develop the nuclear weapon and have Enriched uranium

  16. Hiroshima Was Burnt To Ashes. • Victims of Hiroshima.

  17. Korean Army

  18. IEarn • “How do you feel about nuclear weapons.” • Nuclear weapons are another absurd because nowadays everyone knows that it is a loss for the world. The nuclear atoms don’t have end and continue causing a loss not only in one person but in many generations. Finally, they takeaway the freedom of the person to be alive or dead

  19. Who a nuclear bomb works

  20. Thermonuclear Expulsion • This is appearance of a thermonuclear weapon detonation from many miles away.

  21. Mushroom Cloud

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