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online tutoring

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  1. Is Online Tutoring Worth It? | Gold Coast goldcoast-tutoring.com/online-tutor.html Online Tutoring Thinking about setting your child up for online tutoring says a few things about you – all positive of course! The most obvious one, you care deeply for the academic growth and wellbeing of your child. You most likely live a remarkably busy and productive lifestyle and probably can’t imagine finding a timeslot to host a tutor in your home. It can be a tricky thing to schedule! By choosing to consider an online tutor as a solution, a few things come to mind. Is online tutoring worth my hard-earned money? Will my child benefit as much from online tutoring as they would from an in-home tutor? Is online tutoring effective? Can I trust an online tutor to do a good job? – All realistic and sensible thoughts to have. The truth is, these are the thoughts and feelings you SHOULD have towards online tutoring, because there are a few out there that have an extremely limited selection criteria before taking these tutors on. Many online tuition businesses are simply free profiles, you cannot be sure the tutor you are choosing has had the relevant academic and legal checks! 1/5

  2. Basically, you want to be sure you know that an online tutor is going to be informed, in tune with the Australian Curriculum, experienced when it comes to dealing with children and teens and most of all, trustworthy. Our tutors are screened for quality and personality The main problem with online tutor listing websites is that because their tutor profiles are independently managed by the tutors themselves, you don’t know for sure if the tutor you choose is going to be as dependable and capable as their profile is made out to be. By choosing an online tutor through an agency, you can be sure your tutors have been screened. Their resumes and qualifications are checked, their working with children and police checks have taken place and they have been selected as a representative of that agency, not just on merit but on their personality, creativity and general concern for seeing their pupils grow and achieve success! We recommend choosing an agency that has multiple steps involved in on boarding their tutors, ensuring that there is a standard to be met with regards to the education of your child. We take the time out to do this to ensure that you are receiving none but the best and most vibrant in their field. Your tutor should build on the goals and academic aspirations of your child Your online tutor should ask you about your goals and aspirations in the subject you seek help with and formulate a targeted plan with you, tailored to the needs, difficulties and personality of your child. We recognise the importance of personality and interest matches with your child, so before starting with us, we may ask a little about your child to aid their engagement and interest in learning. After all, we all know that when we enjoy ourselves, there is more fun and learning to be had. 2/5

  3. Find me a tutor So the big question: Is online tutoring effective? 3/5

  4. Technology is advancing and is accessible to us in such a way now that it never was previously. Whilst your child is picking up majority of their education in a classroom, unfortunately, no matter the price on the school’s fees, a staggering amount of educators only have enough time, assistance and resources to teach to the middle-of-the-benchmark students. This can have a few repercussions for the students who aren’t sitting within this band. Students at the lower end who need additional support are missing out, aren’t being effectively differentiated for and the learning gap continues to widen as the years go on. On the other hand, students what excel, would benefit from extension and the broadening of their capabilities are losing interest in schooling because they aren’t being challenged in their regular classes. One-to-one tutoring is an opportunity for targeted remediation of learning gaps Through my experience with many students in the public and private sectors, I am certain that one-to-one tuition leads to a more targeted and beneficial academic experience for students. This sort of experience needs a very special kind of person because, whilst running through homework and worked examples on a digital whiteboard might sound all fair and well, if the online tutor lacks emotional intelligence, to pick up on a student’s learning gaps and misconceptions is going to be a very long road. Memorable teachers and mentors have charisma, they can sell a concept to you no matter how plain and flat the topic may be. They can inject strategy and scenario in a way that resonates with their student that assists their learning journey. So I’ve answered part of the question with a yes, one-on-one tutoring is an excellent choice for your child to receive an individualised learning program that assists their learning in a way that is tailored to their interests, goals and ability level. Technology-wise, we are there, through the use of digital whiteboard apps like inkodo and remarkably advanced video conferencing options like Zoom, students can interact with their tutor as well as if they had been in person. In some ways the online tutoring space might work even better for your family The online environment supports the sharing of screens and interaction on the same whiteboard as if the student and the tutor were both working on the same whiteboard or workbook in a classroom. Our online tutors have quality internet connections and computers with enough power to support seamless online learning with no technological issues. The benefit to the student can only be this seamless provided that the home-computer and internet (bandwidth and router) are up to the task. If you have a larger household and many internet users all at once, it might be a good idea to consider some internet service provider research. 4/5

  5. Online tutors are available without the inconvenience of travel and distances Another benefit lies within the online realm’s ability to provide you with access to subject specialists without distance becoming a barrier! In some of the more rural or under populated areas, it might become difficult to find the right support for your child’s upcoming Inorganic Chemistry exams. Online tutoring has no bounds as long as you have a stable internet connection and a drive to learn! If the child you are seeking online tutoring, and has complications with their confidence levels, online tuition might very well be an excellent substitute. For the fact that they can hid behind the protection of their computer screen, there are a lot of social expectations that become non essential and thus removed from the overall burden of social anxieties. Get the learning done whenever and whenever you want! With the webcam switched off, your child has no need to focus on their dress, expected body language, things like eye contact and other social pressures that can take the focus away from the learning and make the time less valuable. There are other pluses too – You don’t need to feel bad that the house isn’t tidy, or that the pile of washing over there is on display and probably has been for the past week – Don’t worry! It can wait a little longer! If the points noted here have resonated with you in some way or another, it might be a good sign that chatting with us today would be an opportunity to set up a call with us to chat about your child’s academic success. • Contact Us • (07) 5315 8045 5/5

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