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Virtual online tutoring PowerPoint Presentation
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Virtual online tutoring

Virtual online tutoring

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Virtual online tutoring

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  1. Virtual online tutoring Online Academic Support Services

  2. Online tutoring gives students around the clock access direct and live assistance from qualified teachers • Access to qualified and monitored tutors in required courses and skills from any Internet connection • An Online Writing Lab for all courses including computer courses • Easy access to Academic resources Purpose of Online tutoring

  3. Create a simple website The website gives a complete information about you with your picture, subjects you tutor, phone number and free phone consultation offer.

  4. Decide the Age group you will tutor Elementary and middle school subjects are much easier to teach, but tutoring higher classes, college students and adults as well may make it easier to meet your business goals.

  5. Online tutoring software There are different options to decide your tutoring software Check your online classroom for active tutoring devices . Test your microphone to make sure it works properly.

  6. Online tutoring software Skype with Idroo ( Gchat Google Docs Wikispaces Scribblar WizIQ

  7. Advertise your business Advertise your business locally and online. Use free business cards to a spread your words. offer free business cards to initiate a business Advertise your business through craigslist Participate in different learning forums and advertise.

  8. Set the prices for your Tutoring Answering parents first call, be sure to offer an introductory price or free first hour tutoring. Package offer for different subject is also a charming offer.

  9. Process payments from your client Allow virtual payments through paypal (www. from your clients. It is comfortable and will save time.

  10. Manage your first online session Engage your student in an exciting way to catch particular attention. Try to establish a competent first impression to acquire good and long term clients.

  11. Regular meeting with parents After the first introductory session contact the parents to discuss about the system. Offer packages and good payment methods.

  12. Advantage of Online tutoring You can easily tutor from home and can save time and expenses  You can reach students outside of your immediate geographic area You can conduct tutoring sessions for multiple students at one time and multiply your hourly rate 

  13. Disadvantages Initial setup fees, plus investment time to set up a infrastructure It may take some time to build up your business

  14. One –On-one drop in online tutoring 24/7 live tutoring for computer Drop in tutoring for other subjects in different timings - Maths - Biology - English

  15. Tutoring Options Available For Computer Science Student The whole spectrum of online tutoring options is available for students who seek computer science help at your website.

  16. Requirements for online tutoring A computer system that may handle the needed software High speed internet access Good quality printer ( however Google Doc is also good to manage documents). Microphone Ready to use softwares

  17. Study materials Practice exercises and case studies Reading assignments from textbooks and websites Papers, projects, and presentations Class discussions Quizzes and exams

  18. What you need to start a online tutoring? Pentium 4 PC or Equivalent Mac computers Windows Laptop or Desktop Computer Apple Laptop or Desktop Computer High-speed internet connection such as DSL or cable connection Small business accounting software Contact management software Voice recognition software Fax machine Scanner Automatic document feeder Automatic duplexing

  19. Your Strategy to start the business Identify the target market your test strategies tutoring business will serve.  Come up with a list of services and associate a price with each. Contact your local taxation office to register your test strategies business as a legal entity Decide whether you will operate as the sole tutor for your business or if you will hire independent contractors to work as test strategies tutors for your business. Hire a designer to create a logo for your business, business card template and website. Promote your test strategies tutoring business online and offline to maximum your exposure.

  20. Computer System requirements Hardware Requirements Operating System:  Windows 7, Vista, or XP CPU:  2.3 GHz Memory:  3 GB DDR3 RAM Hard Drive:  250 GB (2 GB free) Monitor:  800x600 16-bit color display or better DVD-ROM or CD-RW/DVD-Rom Combo or DVD+/RW Sound Card Printer Webcam Speakers

  21. Computer system requirements Software requirements Internet explorer 8 or 9 Windows Media Player QuickTime 7 - iTunes Java Plug-in  Microsoft office 2003 or higher Adobe reader Unzipping utility Email account

  22. Computer skills needed Knowledge of common computing terms Proficiency with sending/receiving e-mail, including e-mail with attached files. Thorough knowledge of word processing, including attachments, spell check, copy and paste, etc. Familiarity with navigating the World Wide Web Proficiency with web browser software