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Online Tutoring Service

Online Tutoring Service

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Online Tutoring Service

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  1. Online Tutoring Service Presented by: Chuck Myers, California Sales Manager Adrian Martin, NetTutor Relationship Manager Chris Yerkes, WWWB Relationship Manager | 916-612-6994

  2. About Our Company NetTutor is offered by Link-Systems International, Inc. LSI is an e-Learning solutions provider founded in 1995. Our partners value and trust LSI because we listen to their needs, offer innovative service, and—most importantly—care about helping their students persist and succeed. Our goal is to enhance the student learning experience.

  3. Why offer online tutoring? • Some students prefer the anonymity of accessing tutoring online • Some subjects do not have tutoring offered on campus • Tutoring center(s) are closed during late evenings, weekends, or holidays • Students are unable to visit campus for tutoring (working, kids are in bed, live far from campus) • Accreditation requires that students who are taking online courses be supported with comparable service • Safety considerations (visiting tutoring center after dark)

  4. Who uses NetTutor?

  5. NetTutor Outcomes • Proven to increase student retention • 97% student approval rating and peer referral • Increased in-class engagement/discussion participation • Positive course evaluations with students feeling supported by faculty • Improved writing submissions/easier grading

  6. Qualifications & Training • Professional tutors who are Subject Matter Experts trained in Best Practices for engaging students online • Every tutor has a bachelor’s degree; most also have a post-graduate degree • Every tutor has experience teaching or tutoring in the U.S. education system • Training is aligned with Association for the Tutoring Profession (ATP) and the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) guidelines • Tutors participate in ongoing professional development, including LSI’s certification for ESOL tutoring

  7. NetTutor Principle:Give Help, Not Answers Use the Socratic Method, scaffolding, and other formal tutoring techniques to prompt critical thinking • Encourage the learning process • Motivate the learner • Strive for the “aha!” moment

  8. How to get started The link to NetTutor is embedded into your online course. Example from Ashford U:

  9. Live Tutoring ROE

  10. Ways to Get Help Live tutoring Student connects with a real, live tutor on-demand. Sessions are one-on-one and private, and student receives tutor’s full attention. Question drop-off Student asynchronously submits a question and returns later for tutor feedback. Question responses are available within one day. Paper/essay review Student asynchronously submits a file and returns later for tutor feedback. Tutors will ask questions and suggest areas for improvement. Paper reviews are available within two days.

  11. Writing ROE

  12. NetTutor Principle:Follow Course Pedagogy Personalize tutoring • Offer faculty and tutoring coordinators custom "Rules of Engagement” defining how tutors engage students • Invite faculty to share course materials so tutoring aligns with course pedagogy • “The customized nature [of NetTutor] is its best feature.” - Dr. Dawn Hodges, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Southern Crescent Technical College (Georgia)

  13. Intuitive Platform Student-tutor interaction occurs on an intuitive platform, the WorldWideWhiteboard, designed by faculty for academic collaboration. • web-based • no downloads or installations • desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices • “[The NetTutor platform is] very easy for students to immediately use; there's not a big learning curve." - Bailey Smith, Director of the Learning Assistance Center at Mt. San Antonio College (California)

  14. Subjects English Math Accounting, Economics, Finance, & Business Sciences General Humanities & Social Sciences World Languages Nursing & Allied Health Information Technology & Computer Science

  15. Subjects English* Reading, Writing Across the Curriculum, Vocabulary, Grammar, Composition, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Nonfiction Writing, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Poetry, Career Writing, Essay Center, Resume, Cover Letter, Paragraph Submission Math Tutoring Subjects*† Basic Math Skills, College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Liberal Arts Math, Pre-Calculus, Finite Math Calculus, Single Variable Calculus, Multi Variable Calculus, Applied Calculus, Differential Equations, Advanced Math Topics, Beginning Statistics, Intermediate Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Mathematics for Teachers, Matemáticas en Español * ESOL/bilingual support † master and doctoral level support

  16. Subjects Accounting, Economics, Finance, & Business Tutoring Subjects*† Payroll; Accounting; Principles of Financial; Intermediate Accounting I, II, III; Advanced Accounting; Governmental Accounting; Principles of Managerial; Accounting; Cost Accounting I, II; Audit I, II; Internal Audit; Taxation; Tax I (Personal); Tax II (Business/Corporate); Law; Business Law; Law and the Accountant; Economics; Principles of Microeconomics; Principles of Macroeconomics; Finance; Principles of Finance; Management; Principles of Management; Marketing; Principles of Marketing; Information Systems; Principles of Information Systems World Languages* Spanish†, French, German, Italian†, Portuguese†

  17. Subjects Sciences Tutoring Subjects Physics*†, Mechanics, Classical Electromagnetism, Optics, Nuclear, Physics, Quantum Mechanics†, Acoustics, General Relativity, Biology*†, General Biology*, Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology†, Microbiology†, Human Anatomy & Physiology†, Genetics, Zoology, Botany, Ecology, Evolution, Chemistry, General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, Biochemistry†, Inorganic Chemistry†, Physical Chemistry†, Analytical Chemistry†, Earth Science, Geology, Astronomy† General Humanities & Social Sciences*† US Government, US History, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, General Humanities, Government/Not for Profit, Communications, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Philosophy, World History, Ethics, Introduction to Literature, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminology, Ethics in CJ, Criminal Law, Criminal Investigation

  18. Subjects Nursing Tutoring Subjects*† Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Introduction to Pharmacology, Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology, Principles and Concepts of Nutrition, Maternal/Fetal Nursing, Newborn and Neonatal Intensive Care, Psychiatric Nursing, Hospice Care, General Medical/Surgical Nursing, Dosage and Calculations, Oncology, Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Critical Care Nursing Information Technology & Computer Science Tutoring Subjects C, C#, C++, Computer Animation, Computer Basics, Computer Generated Music, Computer Graphics, Computer Modeling Database, Desktop Publishing, HTML, Information Systems, Internet Java, JavaScript, Linux, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, MS FrontPage, MS Office, MS Outlook, Networking, Oracle Database, Perl Programming, SQL, TCP/IP Unix, Visual Basic, Web Design, Website Development, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX

  19. Writing Sample

  20. Writing Sample

  21. Math Sample

  22. Customer Support Bilingual Customer Support • English and Spanish Available for end-user technical issues: • Web form on every NetTutor webpage • Live telephone support

  23. Roundtable Discussion Rules of Engagement Course Materials Led by: Dr. Emilia Garofalo Director, Tutoring Services 813-674-0660 x212

  24. Promoting NetTutor Effective practices for faculty to promote online tutoring usage See pages 3-8 of the “OEI Online Tutoring Resources Guide”:

  25. Links to helpful videos NetTutor Promo Video: Describes how easy it is to access NetTutor and some of the new features NetTutor has to offer: NetTutor Modes: Details the different ways to receive tutoring including Ask a NetTutor, Q &A Center and the Paper Center.: NetTutor for Math: Details how to use the many tools in NetTutor including the Math specific tools: Using the NetTutor Paper Center: This video demonstrates how to submit a paper to the NetTutor paper center, retrieve it once the paper has been reviewed and even upload it to the NetTutor whiteboard for a live session if you have any questions about the paper review: How to Save your NetTutor session as a PDF: This video demonstrates how students and faculty can save a NetTutor session as a PDF:

  26. My contact info again Chuck Myers California Sales Manager 916.612.6994

  27. Online Tutoring Service THANK YOU!