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Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

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Online Tutoring

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  1. Online Tutoring Anna Clark Beth Walker The University of Tennessee at Martin Ideas and Solutions

  2. A Guided Discussionfor Tennessee Writing Center Collaborative Directors’ Day Saturday, October 5, 2013

  3. About UTM SkyHawksRule!

  4. About Our Center

  5. A Busy Center

  6. Need for Online Tutoring 400 unique online courses 4 Satellite Campuses “Centers” Beginning Writing Center services @ Selmer 13 unique online English courses in last 5 years

  7. Asynchronous Tutoring With a nod to McGraw-Hill’s “Connect” software

  8. Our Online Writing Lab (OWL) Started in 2003 Designated response time No submission form Over 200 responses logged in notebook

  9. OWL Policies Mostly for quick questions not entire papers For UTM students not public 24-hour turnaround N/A nights or weekends Goals and expansion governed by Mission statement & 5-year planning documents

  10. Example of Response Hi Briana, you may quote 1-3 lines of poetry by working them into your paragraph. Use the slash to show the line breaks, like this:‬ Reflecting on the "incident" in Baltimore, Cullen concludes, "Of all the things that happened there / That's all that I remember" (11-12). In the example sentence above, a single word from the poem is placed in quote marks ("incident") as well as two full lines of text separated with a slash. The numbers refer to the actual line numbers, not page numbers. The attribution (Cullen) is also worked into the sentence with a strong present tense verb (concludes) to introduce the quoted lines. This is the preferred method, for it is very readable and graceful. If you choose to quote more than three lines, you must separate them from your paragraph. Reproduce the line breaks and unusual indenting or spacing as much as possible. Don't use the slash or quote marks. Here is an example: Elizabeth Bishop's "In the Waiting Room" is rich in evocative detail: It was winter. It got dark early. The waiting room was full of grown-up people, artists and overcoats, lamps and magazine. (6-10) As I said, try to reproduce what you see in the original poem's layout as much as possible, but there are logical exceptions. You will double space unless the instructor tells you not to or unless unusual spacing is part of the poem's meaning. Usually you indent the lines one inch, but you may have to play around with that, too. (Some instructors prefer you to indent closer to the center of the page, but not to center every line). Notice that a full sentence sets up the quote with attribution (Bishop's name and title of poem) and features some key word or phase (evocative detail) to signal what is so special about the quote. Once you finish quoting, go back to your regular format and comment upon the quote. In general, the more lines you quote, the more you should discuss the passage in detail. No quote is self-evident; you must comment upon or explain the significance or relevance of the quote. Some instructors do not like long quotes because they look as if you are simply padding the paper. It takes more skill to work a line or two into the grammar of your own sentence and paragraph than it is to set off  a longer passage as a big block. I got these examples from the latest MLA style manual, page 95. Any good grammar book with a chapter on literary analysis or MLA style will show you some examples. Hope that helps,

  11. Synchronous Tutoring

  12. Beta-Tested BreezeLive (Adobe Connect Pro) online conferencing/ meeting room Distance Learning Classroom with audio/video Microsoft Word comment feature Google Docs with comment / share features

  13. Our Distance Learning Classroom Featuring Document Reader, Video and Audio

  14. Goldilocks? Distance Classroom = “Too Easy” BreezeLive = “Too Hard” Docs = “Just Right” …but needed face / voice to replicate center visit

  15. Other Options? SmartBoard / Whiteboard Tech Microsoft Link GoToMeeting Free Chat-Based audio/video tech Skype Automated Grammar Checker SentenceWorks Proprietary Tech Smarthinking AskOnline AIM Pro Open Source Tech Moodle

  16. More Info? Moodle Open Source Course Management software like Blackboard Ask Online Tailored tutoring uses Skype, attachment feature, color-coded comments Sentence Works now Smarthinking Provides tutors, response form, live option AIM Pro Audio/video conferencing calls w/ instant messaging & desktop sharing GoToMeeting Video conferencing

  17. Which One? Christine Rosalia concludes, “…it is not so important which technology or bundle of technologies the peer advisors use, but rather, that peer advisors are active participants in the initial and the continued choosing of technological solutions” (26-27). Rosalia, Christine. “So You Want to Start a Peer Online Writing Center?” Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal 4.1 (2013): 17-42.

  18. Policies On…? Investing money & time in software, equipment, & training? Scheduling appointments? Accepting submissions? Forms? Documenting sessions? Privacy? Handling length, high volume classes, graduate students, group papers, exams, specific skills? Handling non-students?

  19. Google Hangouts Requires appointment & some computer savvy It’s FREE! in Google Drive Has screen- share …except Smartphone or iPad Allows webcam & audio

  20. Hang Out With Us Let’s Call Emily!

  21. Electronic Documentation Let’s Move to the iPad Google Form submitted through the iPad or URL

  22. Our Paper Record Writing Center Visit Record Please sign in and out at the door, too. Student’s Full Name (Print clearly.)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Course _________________ Instructor____________ Date_______________________________________ Section number __________ Arrival Time__________ Check-out Time______________________________ Optional: Total Time in Center_________________ Reason for Visit ____Participated in Writing Workshop (Describe Topic): ____Worked on English or Writing Activity/Assignment (Describe): _____________Used Computer Tutoring with Staff (Describe): Tutoring: _______________ minutes Writing Center Staff Signature_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  23. “Wanna” Hang Out?

  24. Questions? Comments?