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EEA and Norway Grants PowerPoint Presentation
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EEA and Norway Grants

EEA and Norway Grants

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EEA and Norway Grants

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  1. EEA and NorwayGrants EEA Scholarship Programme & Bilateral Scholarship Programme Barbora Veselá Centre for International Services/NationalAgencyforEuropeanEducationalProgrammes Czech Republic

  2. EEA and NorwayGrants The Introduction

  3. EEA and NorwayGrantsEEA Scholarship Programme & Bilateral Scholarship Programme

  4. EEAand NorwayGrants Previous period

  5. EEA and NorwayGrants – 1.phase • Key area of support: Research and scholarship • duration 2004 – 2009, amountallocated: 2.840.100 EURO in total • Scholarship Fund /Fund for school cooperation support/ • Individual mobility grant /278, 53/ • Institutionalcooperation: Learning partnership /17/ Institutional development /24/

  6. EEA and NorwayGrants The students´mobility

  7. The student mobility within 1. phase Theperceievedbenefits • contribution to the personal and professional growth • possibility to make an experience with different society, educational technics (source of inspiration) • motivation to keep in touch with the host country in the future professional career

  8. EEA and NorwayGrants The teachers´mobility

  9. Teachers´mobilitywithin 1. phase • What was appreciated? • unique opportunity to get know the educational system in practice • gaining of materials, which could be used in the teaching practice • high level of English both at schools and in the every day life • lower emphasis on memorizing and more emphasis on discussion • social worker at each school to manage the issues with nonstandard behavior • personal evaluation interview withthe pupilstwice a year

  10. EEA and NorwayGrants The institutional cooperation

  11. EEA and Norway Grants • Institutional Cooperation (2004-2009)

  12. 1. Phase – Institutionalcooperation Proclaimedbenefitsofthecooperation: • development of new ideas and forming and sharing educational methods; • progress in development of human resources - the project work should: • enrich both the students and the teachers on professional level • enable the practical application of their knowledge as well as gaining new experience within the realization of tasks related to the projects; • perspective of lasting cooperation - thanks to the mutual experience and professional and personal contacts between entities of the similar interest and professionals of the countries involved; • the value of projects (educational, scientific, artistic).

  13. EEAand NorwayGrants New phase, new beginning

  14. EEA and NorwayGrants EEA Scholarship Programme & Bilateral Scholarship Programme • 3.340.622 EURO for applicants to be allocated on the followingactivities: • Mobility projects and placements • Institutional cooperation projects • to beconsidered: EEA Grants • primary, secondary and tertiary level of education NorwayGrants • solely tertiary level of education

  15. EEA and NorwayGrants Mobility projects and placements • Student Mobility - study periods of three up to 12 months, short-term research periods • a mobility may include language preparation through intensive courses in the visiting country • participating students should have courses recognized through ECTS-credits and/or the mobility should have benefit for them obtaining their degree (short term research) • Staff and teacher mobility • short teaching assignments for a period from one week up to six months • participation in conferences, seminars, workshops or other training events for a period of up to six weeks • work shadowing, following a professional in another institution in their work for training or research purposes Eligible applicants /individuals, institutions/: students at tertiary level of education educational sector staff educational sector institutions

  16. EEA and NorwayGrants Institutional cooperation projects Activities to be enabled: • placements of students and education sector staff of institutions involved (short term) • intensive programmes (i. e. short-term intensive courses within a specified field which reflects the project objectives) • support for educational cooperation (i. e. summer schools, conferences, workshops) • development of institutions (i. e. common modules and curricula) • development or preparation of new teaching tools and methods (with special focus on ICT) Eligible applicants: educational sector institutions

  17. EEA and NorwayGrants Coming soon…

  18. EEA and NorwayGrants Timeline June 2012 launch of the Programme July 2012 announcement of the first Call September 2012 deadline for submitting turn of the year grant agreements signature April 2013 announcement of the next Call

  19. Thankyouforyourattention.