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EEA and Norway Grants Scholarship programmes PowerPoint Presentation
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EEA and Norway Grants Scholarship programmes

EEA and Norway Grants Scholarship programmes

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EEA and Norway Grants Scholarship programmes

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  1. EEA and Norway Grants Scholarship programmes TorbjørnGrønner, Financial Mechanism Office, Brussels, modified by Viðar Helgason, Rannís, Iceland

  2. €1.8 billion in funding 2009-14 15 beneficiary states Environment, health, justice, research, education, public sector, civil society Reducing economic and social disparities Strengthening bilateral relations

  3. Strengthening bilateral relations Relations betweeninstitutions in Beneficiary and Donor States Increasingtheextentofcooperation Intensity, breadth, depth, durability Sharedresultsofcooperation New policies, legal instruments, joint publications, newtechnologies… Creationofwider or «spin-off» effectsofthecooperation Fosteringknowledgeoftheother and mutual understanding

  4. Scholarships Scholarship programmes will be established in 11 countries, promoting exchange and cooperation in education Common objective: Enhanced human capital and knowledge base in the Beneficiary States

  5. EEA and Norway GrantsScholarship programmes Increased higher education student and staff mobility between Beneficiary and EEA EFTA States/Norway Increased and strengthened institutional cooperation at all levels of the education sector between Beneficiary and EEA EFTA States Increased mobility of staff at all levels of the education sector between Beneficiary and EEA EFTA States

  6. Scholarship programmes€33 million Grant

  7. Strong bilateral dimension Support for mobility both to and from Donor States and Beneficiary States Financing of institutional cooperation projects involving project partners from Donor States Cooperation based on institutional partnerships Separate funding to support fostering of bilateral relations Fundinglevelsadapted to Donor States` costof living

  8. Programmemodel EEA Grant / NOR Grants 2009-14 OVERALL OBJECTIVES finances Reduction of economic and social disparitiesin the European Economic Area Strengthen bilateral relations between the Donor States and the Beneficiary States Programmes composed of Projects

  9. Scholarships – institutional cooperation Programme Partners (DPP): AIBA, RANNIS, SIU Project Partners Project promoters from Beneficiary States Partners: Donor State educationinstitutions Other partners: Associations, public and private organisations, enterprises, and social partners

  10. Results aimed for Realisation of the European Higher Education Area and the European Strategic Framework for Cooperation in Education and Training 2020 Strategic objectivesof ET2020: Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training Promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship Enhancing creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship at all levels of education and training

  11. Results aimed for Create added value for the academic community, the individuals and wider society New and strengthened partnerships Mutual benefits for the partners Support the institutions’ modernisationefforts Support internationalisationpolicies Contribute to qualityeducation and a betterqualifiedwork force