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Country Report

Country Report

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Country Report

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  1. Country Report CCTU-Cambodia

  2. 1-Introduction • At this moment, Cambodia is sending workers to only 3 countries: Korea, Malaysia and Thailand; and has • Received from different countries in the globe, especially high skilled migrant workers. • ILO-IPEC/TICW has played very important roles in supporting social partners to raise awareness of prevention and exploitation.

  3. 2-Lobbying for Legalization of Undocumented migrant workers • Reports of undocumented migrant workers in Thailand were reported to government for action; • Trade Unions discussed this issue with Minister of Labor for action; • Trade union persuaded government to negotiate with Thai government to legalize all illegal migrant workers;

  4. Legalization (Cont) • Government started to send its official to Thailand; • Finally both governments have met and agreed on common goal to register all illegal Cambodian migrant workers by the fees between 3,000-4,000 Baht which is about $100. • Now all undocumented workers became documented.

  5. 3-Lobbying for simplifying Costs • One migrant worker to Korea has to pay between $4,000-$6,000 to recruiting agency; • Workers complained to trade unions, Trade unions conducted campaign on radio, workshop, etc. to government to control the migrant workers properly. • Trade unions brought these issue up to the government to be discussed. • government learnt the problems and discussed these issues with Korean Government

  6. Simplifying Costs (Cont) • Finally, Cambodian government control the recruiting process with Korean government in order to: - reduce the high costs charged to migrant workers; now each worker pay about $1,000-$1,500 for going and coming back -Bring fair and just recruitment -Reduce bribes and bring up good quality of migrant workers.

  7. 4-Stop Confiscating Passports • Workers working in Malaysia complained to trade unions, CUF-CCTU about their Passport confiscated by their bosses. • Trade union talked with government on the issues for action, then CUF-CCTU talked with respected recruiting agency for improvement; Recruiting agency accepted the proposal not to confiscate Passport for workers,

  8. Cont • Then MOU was signed between recruiting agency and CUF-CCTU. • ILO-IPEC/TICW supported the awareness raising activities on labor migration and their rights “Travel Smart-Work smart” to CUF-CCTU. • Pre-departure training to migrant workers about their rights in the receiving countries.

  9. Cont • Follow up activities. • Monitoring on the field. • Finally, migrant workers in all forms have rights to carry their on travel documents with their own responsibility.

  10. Cont END AND THANKS ! I wish you all to have a pleasant stay in Jakarta, Indonesia. Presented by: Brother Chuon Mom Thol and Uon Kimsuo, CUF-CCTU