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Mind, Media and Society II: “Applied McLuhanistics” PowerPoint Presentation
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Mind, Media and Society II: “Applied McLuhanistics”

Mind, Media and Society II: “Applied McLuhanistics”

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Mind, Media and Society II: “Applied McLuhanistics”

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  1. Mind, Media and Society II:“Applied McLuhanistics” Course Introduction and McLuhan’s Language (language.doc) Creative Commons by-nc-sa licensed by Mark Federman.

  2. Applied McLuhanistics • Instructor: Mark FedermanChief Strategist, McLuhan • Course notes and weekly discussion posted to the course weblog: • • Register for a Blogger account at

  3. Course Objective & Outline • Fluency with McLuhan vocabulary • Five cognitive constructs • Application to explain complex dynamics and effects • Critically probe conventional teachings • Discover new avenues of inquiry and awareness

  4. Course Objective & Outline, cont’d. • Highly participatory • Seminars, playshops, self-facilitated groups will explore applications of the thinking tools • Beginnings: • McLuhan’s Language: figure, ground, medium, message, etc., use of metaphors and probes, humour and satire • Laws of Media and Media Temperature • Explorations

  5. Possible Exploration Topics • Communication and Conversations • Future of Politics • Mass Media – Personal Media for the Masses? • What is Reality? • The Future of Culture and Telling Stories to Ourselves • The Future of Ideas and Innovation • Or other topics that merit attention

  6. Course Evaluation

  7. The medium is the message The ignorance of how to usenew knowledgestockpiles exponentially There is absolutely no inevitabilityas long as there is a willingnessto contemplate what is happening. Art is anything you can get away with We now live in a global village The medium is the message Invention is the mother of necessity Ads are not meantfor conscious consumption Man never intendsthe cultural consequencesof any extensionof himself Nothing exceeds like excess All advertising advertises advertising To the blind, all thingsare unexpected The future of the future is the present In retrospect, all great discoveries are obvious

  8. McLuhan Says… “The artist is the man in any field, scientific or humanistic, who grasps the implications of his actions and of new knowledge in his own time. He is the man of integral awareness.” Understanding Media, p. 65

  9. What Haven’t You Noticed Lately?

  10. Schopenhauer Says… “An independent mind will think things that no one else can think about those things which everyone else already sees.” Arthur Schopenhauer

  11. McLuhan Says… “No medium has its meaning or existence alone, but only in constant interplay with other media.” Understanding Media, p. l26

  12. McLuhan Says… “Most people are quite unable to perceive the effects of the ordinary cultural media around them because their theories about change prevent them from perceiving change itself.” The Medium and the Light – Reflections on Religion,p.83

  13. McLuhan Says… “Environments are not passive wrappings but dynamic processes.” Understanding Media, p. viii

  14. Who Discovered Water? One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water… … since they have no anti-environment which would enable them to perceive the element they live in.

  15. McLuhan Says… “And it is only on those terms, standing aside from any structure or medium, that its principles and lines of force can be discerned. For any medium has the power of imposing its own assumption on the unwary…” Understanding Media, p. 15

  16. McLuhan Says… “…Prediction and control consist in avoiding this subliminal state of [lack of awareness]. But the greatest aid to this end is simply in knowing that the spell can occur immediately upon contact…” Understanding Media, p. 15

  17. Any extension of ourselves —body, senses, mind Any change in scale, pace or patternthat a medium causes in us, our cultureor society. The McLuhan Equation “The Medium is the Message” “The instance of the electric lightmay prove illuminating in this connection.”

  18. McLuhan Says… “It is this continuous embrace of our own technology in daily use that puts us in the Narcissus role of subliminal awareness and numbness in relation to these images of ourselves.” Understanding Media, p. 44

  19. For Next Time • Respond to Blogger invitation, sign-up and logon. • Download readings: • Understanding Media, Excerpts from Ch 1 & 4. • Select one paragraph or passage, and probe its applicability to your ground • Bring your favourite non-McLuhan saying, aphorism or cliché.