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texas and the american west

Moses and Stephen Austin. Key Themes. Opportunity

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texas and the american west

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    1. Texas and the American West Key period: 1821-1848 Migrations, Independence, Annexation and War

    3. Key Themes Opportunity optimism New Challenges Exposed Vulnerabilities Texas in the context of late 19th century America

    4. Setting the Stage

    5. Mexican Reaction to TexasMigrations Initial immigration policy Law of April 6, 1830 Slavery and the proclamation of 1829 (Texas exemption) Texans grievances and exceptions Growing cotton industry Liberals (Federalists) vs. conservatives (Centralists)

    6. Texas Independence

    7. Sam Houston

    8. The Republic of Texas1836-1845 Treaties of Velasco Establishing a government: Republicanism Liberalism laissez-faire economics Principles of the Texas Republic General election September 1836 Sam Houston hero of San Jacinto, 1st President

    9. Early Challenges American recognition and the question of annexation Missouri Compromise (1820) Debt issues Land policies headright contracts and empresario policies Constitution of 1836 Struggling for legitimacy

    10. Frontier Texas Lawlessnessand Native Americans Texas migrations a new start Karankawas and Caddos decreasing populations Battle of Neches Duwali and the Cherokees (July 1839) Indian Removal the Trail of Tears (1838) Council House Fight (1840) Comanche Revenge Victoria, Linnville

    11. Foreign Policy European recognition Relationship with Mexico Vicente Crdova and Marlen Flores (and N.A tribes) Tensions after Santa Fe Expedition San Antonio captured (March 1842); impact on Tejanos Juan Segun Mier Expedition (Xmas 1842) Continued threats of Mexican attacks creating atmosphere of fear

    12. Annexation to the United States President James Polk John Tyler and expansionism Opposition to annexation Free Soil Ideology, Free Soilers Manifest Destiny John OSullivan Key dates December 29, 1845

    13. Manifest Destiny John OSullivan, New York newspaperman, 1840s, wrote: The American claim is by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federative self-government entrusted to us.

    14. The Mexican War 1846-48 Border dispute Nueces or Rio Grande John Slidell and diplomacy General Zachary Taylor Border skirmish (Thornton Affair) April 25th (delayed message to Washington) Consequences

    15. The Mexican War in Texas Polks war message (May 13, 1846) and Mexican expansion Siege of Fort Texas Key battles: Palo Alta and Resaca de la Palma Military strategies Buena Vista

    16. Mexican War in the West California and the Bear Flag Rebellion New Mexico Stephen Kearney (June 1846) Why so easy? Challenges of the northern frontier The Mexican War in the context of American expansion and the spirit of an age the 1840s

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