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Tommy's Window Slideshow. OUTLAW. Music & Lyrics by Tom Walk. Sung by Jason Lawrence. ♫ Turn on your speakers to hear the music. This slide show is automatically timed with the song. Don’t click to change slides, just let it play. Click to start. OUTLAW. WANTED Dead or Alive!

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  1. Tommy's Window Slideshow OUTLAW Music & Lyrics by Tom Walk Sung by Jason Lawrence • ♫Turn on your speakers to hear the music. • This slide show is automatically timed with the song. Don’t click to change slides, just let it play. • Click to start.

  2. OUTLAW WANTED Dead or Alive! Some presume Him to be dead but many affirm that He lives! REWARD: Eternal Life

  3. Here is the story of an outlaw. Some say was Heaven sent.

  4. Others say He was a traitor… …My friend swears He's innocent.

  5. And the mark He left behind… Is still on my friend's mind, Though they have never met.

  6. 'Cause the story is very old and often it's been told… But he can't forget… About this man from Nazareth.

  7. Well, some say He was a Savior. That He saved and healed the sick.

  8. That it was just a devil's trick. And some said He had a demon.

  9. And left Him there to die. So they nailed Him to a tree… On a mount called Calvary…

  10. After three days in the grave… from the dead He was raised. He conquered death… this Man from Nazareth.

  11. Man from Nazareth!

  12. Outlaw, who fought without a gun. Outlaw, outlaw, where did you come from? Outlaw, who only won with love. Outlaw riding in the sun.

  13. “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

  14. Well, I thought it was a fable, But I finally changed my mind, 'Cause my friend's newfound faith. Is something I just can't deny.

  15. There is a sparkle in his eye… A peace deep down inside… I just cannot forget.

  16. That the change that's in his life … of this strange man from Nazareth. had happened overnight, It's the effect…

  17. Jesus was no ordinary man, nor was He merely a great teacher, rabbi, guru, or even a prophet. In a way, He was all of these, but much more. For unlike the other great religious teachers who came before or after Him, Jesus not only spoke about love and God, but He was love and He was the Son of God, so He really knew what He was talking about! He became a citizen of this world, a member of humanity, a man of flesh, so that He might reach us with His love, prove to us His compassion and concern, and help us understand His message in simple childlike terms that we could grasp. He never had any religious buildings, denominations or formal congregations. He simply went out and met people on the streets, by the seashore, in the market places-wherever He could reach them-and shared His message of love with all who would listen to it. He befriended even the most despised and rejected members of society: tax collectors, drunks, prostitutes, and sinners. His religion of love was so simple that He said that you must become as a little child to receive it. He never preached or taught any complicated ceremonies or difficult rules. All He did was preach and show love. CLICK TO CHANGE SLIDE

  18. MEET THE MAN! If you're not sure that you've met this Man who was dead and is now alive, why not seek Him out? Just ask Him to make Himself real to you. You can receive Him and His salvation by simply and sincerely praying a prayer like the one which follows: Dear Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God and that You died for me and arose from the grave. I need Your love to cleanse me from my mistakes and wrongdoing. I need Your light to drive away all darkness. I need Your peace to fill and satisfy my heart. I now open the door of my heart and I ask You, Jesus, to please come into my life and give me Your free gift of eternal life. Thank You for suffering for all of the wrong I have done, and for hearing my prayer and forgiving me. Amen. PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH OTHERS! For more PowerPoint messages visit: Tommy’s Window

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