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The Outlaw Demon Wails

The fifth book in the Rachel Morgan Series By: Kim Harrison. The Outlaw Demon Wails. PowerPoint By: Tawnnie Nicolodemos. Kim Harrison. New York Times Bestseller Born and raised in upper Midwest Bachelor in Sciences Enjoys good chocolate and exquisite sushi. Protagonist.

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The Outlaw Demon Wails

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  1. The fifth book in the Rachel Morgan Series By: Kim Harrison The Outlaw Demon Wails PowerPoint By: Tawnnie Nicolodemos

  2. Kim Harrison • New York TimesBestseller • Born and raised in upper Midwest • Bachelor in Sciences • Enjoys good chocolate and exquisite sushi

  3. Protagonist Rachel Mariana Morgan • Long, red frizzy hair, green eyes, short stature, strong nose, pale skin. • Very skilled earth witch with a small knowledge of ley line charms and demon curses. • Best friends are Ivy, a vampire, and Jenks, a pixy. • She is constantly trying to save herself, her friends, and to find Kisten’s murderer.

  4. Antagonist • Algaliarept(A.K.A. Al) • Demon • Favorite form is as an Englishman from the 1800’s, in a green, velvet frock coat • On a mission to kill Rachel Morgan because she got him put in demon jail and she wouldn’t help him.

  5. Favorite Character Jenks • Pixy • About 4 inches tall, blonde shaggy hair, has the figure of an athletic 18 year-old. • One of Rachel Morgan’s best friends and business partners. • Always seems to be there right when Rachel needs him most. • He has a great sense of humor and is a big help to Rachel and Ivy with advice and intelligence.

  6. Least Favorite Character I don’t really have a least favorite character. I’m not a fan of Minias, another demon, but all the characters in this book are really well rounded and required for the parts they play. I can’t imagine this book without one or two of the characters, or the characters changed; it just wouldn’t be right.

  7. Exposition • Al is trying to kill Rachel and he’s using a demon summoner to get out of jail to go after Rachel. • He wants to kill her because she is the reason that he was put in jail, she made him release his old familiar, Ceri, who has been teaching Rachel how to use demon magic which is forbidden.

  8. Rising action • Rachel’s friend Ceri is pregnant and the baby won’t survive if they don’t get an elven sample from the Ever After. • Rachel finds the demon summoner and scares him into not letting Al go after her. • She goes into the Ever After to get an elven sample and to save herself from Al. • She gets the samples and gets caught by the demons and put in prison. • She gets summoned out of her cell and into a demon circle.

  9. Climax • Rachel realizes that she has to just accept that she can kindle demon magic and the only way to help Trent and the entire elven race is by going back into the Ever After and make a deal with the demons.

  10. Falling Action • Rachel gets into the Ever After with the help of Al. • She meets one of the top demons and makes a deal that Trent will be her familiar and she will be Al’s student. • Trent tries to kill her because Rachel’s children will be demons because they will be able to kindle demon magic too.

  11. Resolution • They all get back home safe. • Rachel and her family are safe from the demons attacking them. • The elven sample will save their race and make the elves start growing in numbers again. • Rachel will learn to use her powers to the most of their abilities.

  12. Setting • The city of Cincinnati and in Cincinnati in the parallel universe of the Ever After • Around the mid 21st Century.

  13. Themes LoveOvercoming Kisten’s death and moving on. FriendshipIvy and Rachel overcoming hardships to build a stronger relationship. HonorRachel saving Trent even though she hates him…most of the time.

  14. Rating of Book • I would rate this book an 8. • This book is written really well and has a good build of characters. It all works together into one solid story and fits together with the books that come before it in the series.

  15. Child Abuse • This issue relates to my book because Rachel’s best friend Ivy was abused as a child and still has issues from it. • I think that this is a very important topic that needs to be addressed.

  16. Types of Abuse • Neglect (Morales, 1998) • Physical (Morales, 1998) • Sexual (Morales, 1998) • Emotional (Morales, 1998)

  17. Neglect • This is when a very young child is left alone or not fed for 24 hours, not given appropriate medical treatment, or not taken to school for days at a time. (Morales, 1998) • Approximately 55% of the kids who are seriously mistreated suffer from SEVERE NEGLECT. (Morales, 1998)

  18. Physical Abuse • This is when a child is purposefully injured. (Morales, 1998) • In some cases, these wounds won’t heal for at least 48 hours, if at all. (Morales, 1998) • Approximately 25% of abused children are PHYSICALLY ABUSED. (Morales, 1998)

  19. Sexual Abuse • This is as likely to happen to a three year old as it is a teenager or young adult. (Morales, 1998) • Twenty percent of abused children are SEXUALLY ABUSED. (Morales, 1998)

  20. Emotional Abuse • This form of abuse is included in all other forms. (Morales, 1998) • This is when a person verbally abuses the victim by making them feel unloved, unworthy, exploited, or enraged. (Morales, 1998)

  21. What are Leading Causes of Child Abuse? • If the family makes less than $15,000 a year or more than $30,000 a year, the children are 22% more likely to be abused (Morales, 1998) • Abuse often happens when the guardian abuses alcohol or drugs (Morales, 1998) • If a guardian was raised in a bad environment, they are more likely to abuse children (Morales, 1998) • Parents with poor parenting skills (usually from having bad parents) are more likely to abuse their children because they don’t know how to deal with them. (Morales, 1998)

  22. Child Abuse Prevention http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrBCiXqv1HU

  23. Statistics

  24. A Little Closer to Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_zu0B3N4zs

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